Poco F2 launch date in India revealed by Flipkart in Big Billion Sale

Story Highlights

  • Poco F1 created a lot of buzz
  • Poco F1 was crowned "Master of Speed"
  • Poco is now working on next version- Poco F2
  • Phone will launch in early 2019

Poco F2

Poco will launch the next version of Poco F1 in collaboration with Xiaomi. The next generation “Poco F2” will be a better and affordable version of “Poco F1”. It is expected to break the misconception that there is no “affordable mobile phone with desirable features”.

Poco F2 Launch date India


Poco F2 launch date


Yesterday, Flipkart came up with an unbelievable offer on Poco F1 Smartphone. As per the offer, if you purchase Poco phone F1 from Flipkart with a buyback guarantee, then you will get assured buyback on next upgraded Poco phone within the next eight months. This means that within the next 6-8 months if you wish to change your Poco Phone F1 with the new upgraded Poco Phone, then you will get buyback value of 14,700.

Poco has recently launched a Smartphone in collaboration with Xiaomi named “Poco Phone F1”. It was also rumored that Poco would launch the upgraded version of Poco F1 by the start of next year. Now, Flipkart offering buyback guarantee on next upgraded Poco phone within 6-8 months, is an indication that Poco Phone F2 will be launched within this period.

Poco F1 received positive reviews from the customers. It will be amazing to Poco Phone launching another Smartphone. It is expected that Poco F2 will hit the market with a bang as the company have already started promoting and advertising the upcoming Smartphone

We hope to see Poco F2 launch, soon!

UPDATE 2: Poco F2 launcher

Are you confused about which launcher to download in your Android Device? Don’t worry. Poco has launched a great launcher that will now be available in App Store for all Android Devices. It is similar to MIUI with all the fantastic features. It is the customized version of MIUI and is extremely user-friendly. Besides, amazing features of MIUI, it has also introduced a clean app drawer and many more features such as:

  1. It is a light Android launcher.
  2. You will see a lot of choices for customization such as color, frequently used applications, app grouping, etc.
  3. It will be possible to hide or reorder app if you wish to.
  4. Poco Launcher will allow you to download third party icon packs to customize all your applications.

Poco F2 launcher is an amazing user-friendly application. Download it and have a cleaner, better and more presentable mobile screen.

Install Poco Launcher

As per internal sources, the expected Poco F2 launch date is somewhere in the first month of the coming year i.e. January 2019. Although, market speculations state that the company is in a hurry to launch the new device and may prepone Poco F2 release date to late in this year roughly around the holiday season. It is going to be faster, smoother and lighter than the earlier launched Poco F1 phone.

Last month, the same company launched Poco F1 mobile phone. It is an affordable and desirable mobile available on Flipkart in open sale. It won the crown for “Best Midrange Flagship Phone”. It is also launching Armoured Edition, soon. Poco F1 was also labeled as “Master of Speed”.

Things that worked out for Poco F1:

  • Flagship Processor
  • Affordable Price
  • Good Battery Backup
  • Great Camera

Things we want in Poco F2:

  • More advanced Processor
  • Even Better Camera
  • Bigger Battery
  • Budget Price

Features rumored in Poco F2:

  • Snapdragon 850/ 855
  • 24 MP Triple camera setup
  • 5000 mAH Battery
  • Same price bracket
As per the rumors, some other Poco F2 Specifications are:

Storage Options64GB, 128 GB, 246GB and 1 TB (Hopefully)
ChipSnapdragon 850 (Currently under development)
Rear Camera24 + 8 MP (Rumored to be triple camera setup)
Front Camera24 MP
Display6.3 Inches Edge-to-Edge ( Small Notch)
NetworksFuture-ready with 5G support
Launch Date- First Quarter 2019

Click here for Poco F2 features in detail

Poco F2 launch date

It will be interesting to see how Poco will launch a mobile phone with all these features as lower costs. If the rumors are to believed then the expected Poco F2 price will be ₹21,999 in India. Affordable price with these features are difficult but the company is working hard to make this difficult task easier and beat all its competitors. If Poco F2 specifications remain as expected with as low as mentioned price then it will surely have a comparative advantage over it’s competitors such as Xiaomi Redmi, Huawei, Motorola etc.

Nowadays, it is almost impossible to survive without mobile phones but with increasing day to day expenses, one wishes to purchase a mobile phone that is inexpensive and has all desirable features. Considering such situations, Poco has come up with Pocophone F2. It is expected to have 1TB storage with 12GB RAM.


Moreover, it is rumored that Pocophone F2 might also have triple camera setup like an upcoming new trend in 2019. Although, we are doubtful about this rumor as the company is concentrating on keeping up pace with the features along with its price. In order to keep the cost of the mobile device low, it may continue to setup dual camera in Poco F2, as well.

As per information, it is also speculated that the Poco F2 will be launched in India, Indonesia and other Asian Markets but it is not expected to launch anytime soon in US and European markets. Indians value the product that serves them for the money paid. Knowing the market conditions, Poco launching their new phone “Poco F2” in the Indian market is expected to increase their market demand. Companies serving us with attractive features at affordable prices gain a comparative advantage over its competitors. Many brands have been launching mobile phones at lower prices with all the possible attractive features, although proper working of these features is what helps us to differentiate between various options available. If Poco F2 stand by such situations and works well with all the inbuilt features then it will soon capture the Indian market.

As of now, there is no official statement from the company or any of its representatives about the Poco F2 launch date or its price. All of these are expected but we hope that the company will come up with a device that will benefit all its customers. We are hoping for a product that will change the market conditions and make an affordable mobile with desirable features available to us. Meanwhile, let us expect to receive an official statement regarding the launch of Poco F2 from the company, soon.

Poco F2


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