Poco F2’s bezel less designed revealed in an accidental tweet by PocoPhone

Pocophone accidentally this women’s day, tweeted a photo of a phone that was completely bezel less. The tweet was later taken down by them and is now being anticipated what the next iteration might look like. Tweet came from the official twitter account which goes by the name PocoPhone Global, wishing Happy Women’s Day along with a phone displayed from both front and back. Tweet included following text along with following image:

Let HER know. RT and tag the important women in your life…today! #InternationalWomensDay #HappyWomensDay2019
Poco F2

Can it be concluded from this tweet what Poco F2 will look like? Maybe they are going for the pop out type front camera to achieve a complete bezel less screen. The rear of the phone still shows a fingerprint scanner along with two camera setups instead of three cameras that are usually in trend these days. The fingerprint scanner on the back is also replaced by an in-screen finger print scanner on the front itself by many new devices but looks like Poco F2 will keep it on the back. Pocophone could launch it with Qualcomm’s latest and greatest Snapdragon 855 chip while still managing to keep the price under check. Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 also supports 5G so Poco F2 can also be expected to future ready in that case. But at the end of the day, these are mere speculations and nothing can be pinned down for sure. People all over the world are now excited for the next version of Poco F2 while the company is totally silent about any date.

The fact that the tweet was later deleted by them says a lot about the fact that it could be very close to real Poco F2.

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