iPhone XI leaked images and launch date in India

iPhone XI leaked imagesApple is among the most valuable technology brands in the world. The reason being its luxury smartphones with innovative features and security. Apple is also known for its Macbook, iPad and iPods. However, the iPhones have always been the talk of the town since the first iPhone launched.

Even though the latest iPhone X and iPhone XS have received a mix response from the phone market, the next model will take some time to launch. However, leaked images of the upcoming iPhone are always doing rounds on the internet.

OnLeaks is a platform which has been releasing leaked images of gadgets has released images of next iPhone. The information from previously accurate OnLeaks states that the next iPhone will have a three-camera array with a rear-facing microphone. The body is likely to be similar to the current generation iPhones.

OnLeaks creates renders based on the information received about iPhone that is currently in the Engineering Validation Test (EVT) stage. Due to this reason, the design may change during the final launch in September 2019.

The leaks show three-camera array and it is said that the phone with an amazing feature in the cameras. The new feature is said to be ‘Time of Flight depth sensing system’ which lets the iPhone determine how far away objects are by measuring the time taken for light to reach an object.

Apple is also reportedly considering going OLED-only for its late 2020 iPhone models, according to the Wall Street Journal. The reason for this being that it would likely raise the overall selling price of Apple’s iPhones next year, amid concerns over iPhone sales in China and other developing markets. Apple recently warned it could miss $9 billion in iPhone sales in the recent quarter due to weaker demand and the 2019 and 2020 models have high hopes on them. For repairs of iPhone repair in QLD

Recently, Apple also took out a single billboard in Las Vegas, highlighting its privacy focus at a time when companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon have faced their own privacy concerns over recent months.

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