Infinix Smart Band 3 review- Buy fitness tracker at just Rs 1599

Infinix Smart Band 3The new in the market Infinix smart band xband 03 is all you need. The band is an all rounded solution to all your fitness and aesthetic needs. Xband 3 is fitted with a dynamic optical technology chipset of high detection sensitivity, running on a millisecond conversion algorithm for multiple workout scenarios, ensures accuracy of your fitness data. Start your scientific health and workout management through one click to check your heartbeat rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen data anywhere, anytime. When Xband 3 is your fitness tracker, you always follow the better you.

Although Xband 3 is not qualified as or considered to be a medical device, all data provided is for reference only, and should not be used for medical diagnostics.

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Now let’s talk about some of the main and important features of the Infinix smart band that makes it stand out from the crowd:

  • Life is colorful, light up your passion with a big colorful screen and eye-catching icons. It is an ergonomic design with a curved surface, which has a soft and comfortable TPU wrist belt. Xband 3 with its lightweight, is quite suitable for your workout.
  • Move up, activate yourself to be the better you.
  • Xband 3 helps you count your walking steps, calculate burned calories, and tracks the distance of your movement etc. It can hold upto 7-days workout data, and offers real-time data transfer upon connecting with your smartphone. Move up, activate yourself to be the better you. Get the efficient workout management on Infinix Life App on your smartphone.
  • Step Calorie Counting Consumption Outdoor.
  • Get smart reminders anytime, anywhere.
  • Xband 3 offers you smart reminders function. Set the lnfinix Life App for a hands-free phone use to read your messages, notifications and phone calls on Xband 3 screen throughout in real-time smartphone connection via bluetooth . No need to pick up your phone when you workout.
  • Get smart reminders anytime, anywhere. Smart touch key, operates easily even in low light.
  • There is a smart touch key on Xband 3 IPS screen, designed by a slightly raised surface on a rounded panel. You can feel it through touch and easily operate when you workout even in low light.
  • ‘Long touch for settings function and quick touch for switch function.
  • Turn on your favorite workout tunes.
  • Easily switch your workout tunes on Xband 3, streaming the favourite songs on your run. Just follow your mood.
  • The IP67 Design.
  • It’s resistant against water splashes, sweat, cosmetics, dust and more. Get ready for your Color Run.
  • Almost 20-day standby time for one single charge.
  • ensure your exciting moments in your workout with shutter control.

So, what else can you ask for?

The watch offers all these excellent features for a price of just 1599/- INR.

The smart alerts would make sure you never miss any notifications, beautiful colors in the digital display and a sweat free wrist band is a head turner. You can check your Blood pressur, heartbeat, oxygen level in blood and saturation levels. There are functions to track your movement and it detects whether you’re running or walking.

You can play and pause music using you smart watch which eliminates the need of taking the phone out of your pocket. Great for outdoor use, with the digital display it offers good viewing angles. You can change tracks on the go resolving all your music problems.

The additional functionality of adding a shutter button to the watch is great, it gets very comfy while taking a selfie to avoid any shaking and take a nice crystal clear image.

“We have introduced the smart Fitness accessory X BAND3, which seems a product with great potential considering the growing health awareness in India. The device introduces a new dimension to Infinix’s product portfolio, and enhances our user’s lifestyle comprehensively. Ultimately, our goal is to democratize every tech-driven premium experience and make it accessible to a wider audience base across the country,” said, Anish Kapoor, CEO, Infinix India.

Overall Infinix smart band – XBAND3 is a sleek device with pin-based convenient clip-on charging, it is the first to offer color display in its price segment with three interface options to choose from. A must buy for the people who are trying to step up their game in the fitness department.

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