Best Type C Earphones in India under Rs 1000- Check out USB Type C earphones for phones without headphone jack

best type c earphonesWith the evolution in design of smartphones, the manufacturers these days are trying hard to make the design of phones as slim as possible. Even buyers prefer buying light and slim phones. To achieve a sleek design, manufacturers these days are trying to reduce the no.of ports in a phone. Apple introduced phones with no headphone jacks and this strategy seems to be working good as some people are switching to Bluetooth earphones. But still the quality of wired heaphones is something that is almost impossible to be achieved by the bluetooth earphone manufacturers.

Now some Android Smartphone manufacturers are trying to manufacture phones without a headphone jack but these phones are coming with a type-c usb port. It means that type c earphones are the future of these high-performance phones.

Type C earphones Oneplus / Type c earphones Oneplus 6T:

One of the leading smartphone manufacturer One Plus is competing with the likes of Samsung S series. OnePlus 6T doesn’t come with a headphone jack. So people have to either buy a connector/ adapter to use a wired headphone or buy Type-C headphones on this as well the upcoming One Plus phones. Type C headphones jack is a long lasting port. So buyers do not need to worry about the quality.

Type c earphones Oneplus 5T/ Type c earphones for OnePlus 6:

On the other side, these type-c headphones can be used on a lot of earlier launched One Plus phones as well like the One Plus 5t and One Plus 6 as both of these phones come with Type-C USB ports.

Type C earphones for Pixel 2:

Even the Google Pixel 2 doesn’t come with a 3.5 mm headphone jack. So people out there do buy Type C earphones for Pixel 2.

Type C earphones Amazon / Type c earphones India:

There is a large variety of Type C earphones available on Amazon. Type-C earphones with mic is something everyone is looking for. Here is a list of available earphones on Amazon:

1. Letv Earphone LeEco (Price Rs 422) : At this price point these headphones are really amazing. The bass of the earphones is really good and sound is crisp but the build quality is something one had to compromise with. The rubber which have been used for these headphones is not of good quality. The inner copper wiring is clearly visible as well. The link to the product is given below:
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2. Multi Letv LeEco Silicon Earphones (Price: Rs 486):
The audio quality of the earphones is really good. Bass is pretty normal. Build quality is not that good and there are reviews that one has to really use these earphones with care otherwise there is a sheer possibility of a layer of wire tearing off. The link to the product is given below:
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3. PhoenixBirds Half-In-Ear Earphones (Price: Rs 460):
Sound quality is good and the bass is outstanding as well. Built quality is good. It’s good for the price given the sound quality. The design makes it look like a high end product. Earbuds fit perfectly. An orange light glows inside the earbuds when in use. The link to the product is given below:
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4. OnePlus Type-C Bullets Earphones (Price: Rs 1490) : These are said to be the best Type-C earphones out there. These have a cylindrical design with a metal housing. So the built quality is outstanding. The audio quality is outstanding as well. These are active digital earphones, which means they have their own audio processing hardware on-board. All they need is a direct data output from the connected device and they are good to go.The link is given below:

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5. Type C earphones Flipkart : A good variety of type-c earphones is also available on flipkart:

WellPoint Type-C earphones ( Price: Rs 499) : These are one of the best type-c earphones available on Flipkart.The built quality is pretty normal. Same goes with the sound quality.The link is given below :

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Type C earphones Mi/ Type c earphones JBL: However there aren’t any type-C earphones available from Mi or JBL though we expect some launches soon.

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