Best Android TV Box in India

Best Android TV Box in India

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TV has become a regular part of our lives. TV which initially started as a huge square box is now slim as a bunch of paper with advancement in technology. Motion sensing, internet connection, recording and voice recognition are some of the latest features of the TV. ‘Idiot Box’ is no longer idiot but smart as ever.

Android owned by Google is the most used operating system in phones around the world. Android is clear to understand, convenient to use and quite affordable. After ruling the phone market, Android stepped in the TV industry and is gaining massive popularity recently. Android Apps can be used on your PC and Mac using Nox. Check it out!

What is Android TV?

An Android TV or Android smart TV box is a TV box running on the Android operating system just like it works in millions of smartphones, tablets.

Why Android TV?

Android TV makes your ‘idiot’ box a ‘smart’ box by providing various features that were unimaginable a few years ago. People now use Android TV to stream online shows from platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime, live stream sports matches or events, watch videos and songs, use social media and whatnot by connecting it to the internet through WiFi.

Basically, after installing Android TV, your TV would be able to do almost everything that your PC does like checking the weather.

Android TV boxes come in various size and also vary in features. Boxes with more features are obviously costlier. Some low-end units may not come with the internal storage facility and need external storage like USB or memory card. However, some high-end boxes may occupy less space and come with high-quality features like HD quality video, audio, and internal memory storage set.

What is some best Android TV?

Here are details about the top two most demanded Android TV.

Amazon Fire TV StickAndroid smart tv box India

Amazon has been ruling the e-commerce world like none other. It is now not only selling products by others, but they have also developed their own products which have already become a success.

Amazon Fire TV stick allows you to connect to more than 3000 online android apps and also access thousands of video and audio content. Voice search facility makes it convenient for the user to search a show just by speaking instead of bothering to click on remote several times.

How to set up?
1. Plug Fire TV Stick into your HDTV.
2. Plug into a wall outlet.
3. Connect to the internet.

Prime Benefit: Customers with a Prime membership can enjoy thousands of Bollywood, Hollywood, regional movies, TV shows and Amazon Original series at their fingertips.

Special Features: You can check how much data your tv box is consuming and also put a parental lock so your children don’t watch what they shouldn’t.

Soon, with the help of Alexa, Amazon Fire TV Stick will become smarter as it will provide services like ordering food and booking tickets online. It is undoubtedly the best android tv box in India.

For more details about functions and prize, you may visit their website here.

Cubetek 4K

Cubetek 4K, Portable Smart TV Box, is a 4k Android TV box India With 2Gb RAM, 16Gb ROM, HDMI 2.0, Android 6.0, Wifi, Dolby 5.1. These features make it among the cheapest Android TV box in India.

It has a User-friendly interface and is a portable device as it is of the size of your palm. It allows mirroring from the phone from Airplay for Apple devices and also supports DLNA File Sharing. For more details, you can check the website here.

Amazon Fire TV is said to be by far the best Android TV but is not available to import in India as seen on Amazon’s official website. Note that Android Fire TV and Android Fire TV Stick mentioned above are different.

We’ll keep you refreshed with the latest and best Android TVs from time to time. Stay tuned to The Telescope for trending news and stories.

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