5 Best Android Charging Cables in India

Micro USB Cables that comes with fast charging support and quick data transfer speed

5 Best Micro USB Cables in India

USB cables help to transmit data to/from USB supported devices and help in fast charging mobile phones. It’s very important to have a good quality micro USB cable when you own an Android Phone because of its multipurpose use. The 5 best android charging cables in India that ensures fast charging phone when connected to mobile charger adapter are:

Best Charging cable for Android India1. Amazon Basics Micro USB Cable – It is a USB 2.0 cable with A Male to Micro B connectors for charging Android phones, Tablets or other USB supported devices. It is a thin, flexible and small in size with 3 feet (0.9 meters) of cable length. The compact head works in all cases and is one of the USB cables that work as super fast charger with the appropriate adapter. It has a transmission speed up to 480 Mbps and when plugged in the mobile charger it has a charging capability up to 2100 mA. It is available on “Amazon Basics” from with 1 year limited warranty.


android charging cable india 2. boAT Rugged: boat Rugged: USB has a special polythene covering that makes it unbreakable and stress and stretch resistance. It is 1.5 meters in length and compatible with Android phones, windows, tablets, PC peripherals, and other compatible devices. This can be used as fast charging cable for Android
. It has a fast data transmission and sync phone speed of up to 480 Mbps. It is available in various colors with 2-year manufacturer warranty.


android chargers India3. Mivi Micro USB Cable: It has a nylon braided cable which makes the USB cable durable and long lasting for everyday use. It is a 6 feet long unbreakable cable, flexible enough to bend from corners and the cable will still be intact. It has a high transmission speed and ensures charging battery fast with maximum signaling rate. It is available with 1-year limited manufacturer warranty.



rock android cable

4. Rock Universal Micro USB: It is a sleek silicon USB cable used as a connector with standard USB devices such as a tablet, laptop etc. It is a 1-meter long pure copper core US cable compatible with fast charging mobile devices. It is a soft wire that ensures durability for everyday use for a long time. It has cleared bend and swing tests while manufacturing. It is available with 3-month seller warranty from the date of purchase.


android charging cable marley hudson 5. Marley Hudson Meta USB: It has a shiny spring metal shell that makes it look elegant, unbreakable and prevents from knotting. It is compatible with most Android devices. It ensures the fast charging of mobile phones and quick data transmission. It is available with 1-year warranty against manufacturer defects.



Direct links have been added to purchase desired USB cables from Amazon. If you have any other suggestions regarding a best micro USB cable in India that we forgot to include in our list, drop its link in the comments and we will make sure to give it a look.

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