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French Director, Jerome Salle, found Saaho a “freemake” of Largo Winch, but a worse one

Saaho is in news again for the wrong reasons. It had been earlier accused of piracy and now it is again facing plagiarism charges. It had started with an allegation of a replica of a scene in the first poster released. It was from one of the best science-fiction movies of all time, Blade Runner 2049. Twitter was flooded with comparisons.

poster of Saaho and Ryan Gosling’s poster from Blade Runner 2049

Then came the accusations by a Bengaluru artist who charged Saaho for imitating her artwork for the song ‘Baby Won’t You Love Me’. And now another eagle-eyed movie fan has tweeted to the French Director, Jerome Salle, rightly pointing out that Saaho is a free make of his movie named Largo Winch.

Salle was quick to respond to the eagle-eyed observation of a fan of his movies. On the first go, he dropped a hilarious but ironic reply

But soon he was serious about the quality of remake and didn’t sound happy.

Check out the trailer of Largo Winch and judge yourself about the truth of Saaho being a copy

The basic storyline of revenge in both the movies is the same but there is an uncanny resemblance to the way action sequences are planned and the way plot unveils. Saaho was released with much fanfare and in the beginning, it almost broke all the box-office numbers, majorly due to the hype generated. But it could not sustain the numbers which started seeing a decline as the days passed by. Audience and critics’ ratings began to dip with IMDB showing 5.9/10 and  0% on Rotten Apples.

Another South Korean movie director of ‘New World’ can also stake claim and press for plagiarism as Saaho seems to be its direct copy. Bottom line is Saaho is not a bad movie, it is only a bad copy.

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