Nestle Introduces A New Waste Management Mantra with free Maggi And We Are Loving It

Free MaggiThe world is fighting hard to deal with tonnes of waste generated every day. Environmentalists are finding new ways to deal with the modern day issue and the industries are pressurized to reduce the wastage. In such a scenario, the decades-old brand Nestle India has found an interesting way to manage the waste and we are simply loving it.

Nestle India has launched a ‘Maggi wrappers return’ scheme under which the consumers can get a free Maggi packet after giving 10 empty packets at the retail shops. Currently, the scheme is in the pilot phase in Dehradun and Mussoorie and is expected to come into force PAN India very soon. A Nestle India spokesperson said that this initiative is taken under the plastic waste management programmes of the company. He further said, “We are hopeful that this will bring about a behavior change in consumers and help create awareness for responsibly disposing of plastic waste and prevent littering.” The collection of the empty packets and its disposal will be done by Indian Pollution Association.

According to the reports, the Queen of Hills- Mussoorie has been facing severe plastic pollution caused by Maggi packets. The company has taken this initiative by understanding its ethical responsibilities towards the environment.

Waste Management is a big challenge for the entire world, but most specifically for developing countries like India. This is because they have inadequately managed and uncontrolled dumpsites and exhausted waste collection services. It suffers a setback due to chronic under-resourcing and rapid urbanization.

It’s high time that we understand the importance of waste management before the whole world becomes a dumping ground. The recent reports revealed that even the Mount Everest has not been spared and it has now become a high altitude dumping ground. We have been extremely careless and have polluted the scenic beauty of Himalayas. This small step by the Nestle might prove to be a baby step towards dealing with the big problem of plastic waste.

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