Diet and Nutrition Trends to Watch Out For in Year 2019

Top Nutrition Trends 2019

Healthy Food Trends To Watch Out For 2019

Food-Trends-2019New Year 2019 has begun and most of us will be having new year resolutions of eating healthy and staying in good shape. So, what are your nutrition and diet plans for the year 2019? What will food trends 2019 look like? What new will your plate hold? I am sure of one thing about myself, with new trends coming up every year, this year it will be new and exciting in terms of Healthy Foods to watch out for. Summary of what is being predicted on top diet trends includes – Plant-based eating, probiotic foods for gut health, Plant-Based Milk, Protein-Rich Foods, Whole-Grain Foods, High-Smoke Point Cooking Oils. If you analyze these trends, you will realize that we are slowly moving towards what our forefathers had on their menu for eg ghee, millets, homemade sweets, local dishes, and products found a way on our palette.
Continue reading to find out what’s on the must-try list for 2019 healthy foods!

Non-Dairy “Milk” Beverages Alternatives/Plant-Based Milk

Food-Trends-2019Are you on a lookout for plant-based milk alternatives – yes there are few which are trending and the best part is that they are free of many of the top eight allergens present in more traditional milk. Options within this category are fresh, innovative and ever expanding, some alternatives are surprising too. You can find oats, sesame seed, pecan, cashew milk, and even banana milk, walnut, hazelnut milk, flax milk products to suit almost any dietary preferences. But the question here is will plant-based milk provide the same nutrients as regular cow milk?
Prebiotic, Probiotic or Live Microorganisms Foods

Focus towards gut and overall health seems to be gaining grounds. People have started taking interest in foods, and drinks having higher fiber content, prebiotics, beneficial bacteria, and fermented ingredients and the trend will continue in days to come. Till date, we were aware that probiotics or live microorganisms needed to keep the gut healthy were found in yogurt/curd. But few more probiotic products like sparkling water, dairy-free beverages and oatmeal, kombucha, kvass, kimchi, and plain kefir have come out having different strains of probiotics.

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Plant-Based Proteins

trending-health-foods-listIn the year 2018, plant-based proteins like pea protein, legumes, nuts, and seeds were hot and it looks like they will continue to trend because by nature they keep us full and satisfied.

You are requested to carry out due diligence while shopping by scrutinizing and comparing nutrition fact labels as per your needs.

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Diet Trends 2019

The top diet trends which are expected to dominate the year 2019 are

Intermittent Fasting

The latest fad going around is intermittent fasting of say 14-16 hours overnight and eat healthy in a span of eight to ten hours for three to five days every week. This has been practiced in Hindu Mythology and it looks like we are moving towards where we left off.

Plant-Based Diet

trending-health-foods-listPlant-based diets are key to optimal health and are on the radar of diet conscious people who are cutting down on meat and its products because of reasons like them causing eco damage, being cancerous and so on. People have started looking out for innovative meat-free products who are making a shift from meat to vegan diets.

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The Flexitarian Diet

trending-health-foods-listFlexitarian diet as the name suggests is for both vegetarians and meat takers.  It is following a middle path where both plant-based diet and meat is taken in moderation. There is no need to make a drastic shift to your diet plan but you can enjoy the benefits of high-quality proteins and some meat specific nutrients in the diet. It is claimed that the flexitarian diet offers many benefits which include promoting weight loss.  I think most of you guys will opt for it.

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To manage your diet based sensitivities, you can make a choice between keto, paleo, and low FODMAP foods. People have started becoming sensitive and making a shift from numbers in terms of calories towards the benefits food offers to the body in terms of digestion, bones building, sleep.

The Mindful Eating diet

trending-health-foods-listA habit rather than a diet, mindful eating promotes eating only when you feel hungry and stop before you are full. A habit to induce proper chewing methods and encourage people to enjoy the food.

Of course, whatever you opt for, be sure to talk to your personal physician or dietitian before giving a try to any diet plan!

For us people, it is more about making #Lifestyle as #NewReligion by means of adopting clean-eating habits working towards improving fitness levels. The focus is on achieving a healthy body, mind, and soul with an eye on the impact it has on the environment.
So what is stopping us from achieving it and making possible!
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