How to join Flipkart Affiliate Program- Step by Step guide

Flipkart AffiliateFlipkart is among the top e-commerce websites in India. Flipkart is known for its reliable products, customer service, and on-time delivery.

Flipkart often introduces various offers for customers and business owners so they can benefit mutually in the market. This time, they have launched the Flipkart Affiliate Program.

Affiliate marketing means marketing a service or a product on your website, app, social media page and drive traffic to it. More traffic from your platform means more money you make.

You don’t have to sell on their behalf but send people to their platforms from your place. Read furthermore to get started with the guide on how Flipkart Affiliate works.

How does Flipkart Affiliate Program work?

Flipkart Affiliate is very simple to do and understand. First, you have to promote Flipkart links on your website/mobile site/ mobile app. By doing so, you have to send traffic from your site to Flipkart through that link.

You can earn a commission when someone who visited Flipkart from your link buys something on the e-commerce platform.

Flipkart Affiliate Tools

Flipkart makes your marketing easier with various tools that help you promote products better. These tools include Product Links and Banners, Promotional Banners & Widgets, Search Tools and APIs.

Product Links and Banners

You can create links and banner for the specific product you think will sell from your website/app. Your affiliate link is connected to the banner, when users click on the banner, you get paid for each purchase they make.

Promotional Banners & Widgets

These banners and widgets are dynamic and look attractive on your website. Flipkart will provide you with HTML to use readily on your site to make it look beautiful.


With the search tool, your website audience can search any product on Flipkart from your website. You can customize the search bar according to your app/website layout.


The APIs help you figure out how to tap into Flipkart marketplace and get more information and deals on products.

How much commision can you make?

You can make up to 6 -12% on Books, 6 -12% on EBooks, Up to 5% on Mobiles, Up to 6% on Computers, up to 6-20% on Toys, and Up to 4% on Cameras.


Affiliate Flipkart also provides a reporting system which informs you about the number of visitors on your page, number of clicks, number of orders made and how much commision you are making.

How to register for the program?

You can register from their website, but recently they have stopped new Flipkart affiliate sign up for affiliate program so you can keep checking the platform regularly to know when they re-start new sign-ups.

The affiliates who have already registered earlier can continue doing so without any problem.

Customer Support

You can contact the Flipkart team via their website.

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