Fire Safety:- 5 ways to keep your workplace safe!

Fire Safety:- 5 ways to keep your workplace safe.

An accident occurred due to fire at the workplace will not only cause injuries and casualties of workers but it can result in loss of work and valuable information. And this loss can further result in loss of some important documents and files and even instruments which cannot be got back or cannot be reconstructed again. And this kind of loss is the loss that can put the company in a very bad situation, a loss of such important data can result in the loss in business and injuries to employees can result into loss of the workforce. In any situation, a fire can cause a lot of losses whether it is for business or for the person’s health.

Work Safety

So for preventing Fire accident, one must follow the fire prevention that is discussed below:-

  • Housekeeping:- This department is the most important department in regard to avoiding any adverse situation in the workplace. If they keep the track on the problems occurring inside the workplace and come up with the solution before the occurrence of an accident, they can avoid many such accidents. For example, they can gather the oily rags and then put them in the metal containers and later these containers should be disposed off properly on the regular basis. Apart from that, it should be made sure that all the electric equipment are clutter free and all the passages and emergency exits are free of any hurdle. And all the machines and equipment should be checked regularly for any fault.
  • Designated Smoking Area:- In any office there can be a lot of people who enjoy smoking to relax. For them, the office should have a designated place to smoke, and the one thing that is needed to keep in mind during the designing of the smoking area that it should be at the safe distance from the areas that are prone to fire and where there are high chances of accidents to occur. After that, there should be a dustbin pit full of sand so that all the burned cigarette can be disposed off properly. And most importantly all the waste should be collected and disposed off far from the workplace.
  • Fire Safety Training:- Having employees who are trained in safety training is the best solution to prevent the accidents that can occur due to fire and can cause a lot of loss to the employee as well as to the business. Fire risk assignments should be conducted in the offices on a regular basis and it should be attended by every employee so that they can learn about the possible hazards that are present around them. Fire drills and mock drills should be a regular practice at the office so that everyone knows what to do when there is any danger near them and they should be aware of how to help themselves and others too in the situation of an emergency.
  • Security:- Security checks and properly installed security devices and proper monitoring of them can only avoid 40-45% of fire accidents. Always have fireproof electric wiring and switches in your workplace, this will save you from a lot of accidents which can happen due to electric wires catching fire due to spark somewhere. Always have properly working CCTV in the office so that every activity in the office can be monitored and these footages of the CCTV should be seen regularly so that if any accident takes palace in the office, security people will let to know about that at the very moment.
  • Safety Equipment:- A office should have proper safety equipment installed on their premises. So that in case of emergency before the fire brigade and rescue teams people from the office only can help to prevent it from becoming a giant fire and save a lot of loss and lives. People from office should be trained to know how to operate such instruments so that they don’t waste the precious time of their at the time of accidents in figuring out how to operate the equipment.

These little precautions can save you from an accident and can help you to help in case of accidents.

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