Download Free NCERT Books For UPSC Prepration

UPSC NCERT Books free downloadThe UPSC exam is considered one of the most difficult exams to crack. It is a nationwide competitive examination conducted for recruitment to various civil services of the Government of India. including IAS.

This section is dedicated to IAS aspirants. Students find it difficult to get the right study material to prepare for the exam. However, NCERT books are the best books to refer for the same. It helps in clearing your concepts and covers most of the syllabus as well. Some of you might already know this, but get confused about which NCERT books to read for UPSC and which chapters to cover and which ones to leave.  To help you, we have listed down the books that you must refer if you are going to appear for the UPSC exam.

List of NCERT Books for UPSC Preparation:

Here is the NCERT Books List for UPSC:


  • Class 6- Our Pasts 1
  • Class 7- Our Pasts 2
  • Class 8- Our Pasts 3
  • Class 9- India and the Contemporary World 1
  • Class 10-  India and the Contemporary World 2
  • Class 11- Themes in World History (Focus on Industrial Revolution)
  • Class 12- Themes in Indian History 1, Themes in Indian History 2, Themes in Indian History 3.


  • Class 6- The Earth: Our Habitat
  • Class 7- Our Environment
  • Class 8- Resources and Development
  • Class 9- Contemporary India 1
  • Class 10- Contemporary India 2
  • Class 11- Fundamentals of Physical Geography
  • Class 11- India: Physical Environment
  • Class 12- Fundamentals of Human Geography
  • Class 12- India: People and Economy


  • Class 9- Democratic Politics 1
  • Class 10- Democratic Politics 2
  • Class 11- Indian  Constitution at Work
  • Class 11- Political Theory
  • Class 12- Contemporary World Politics
  • Class 12- Politics in India Since Independence


  • Class 11- Introducing Sociology
  • Class 12- Social Change and Development in India
  • Class 12- Indian Society


  • Class 9- Economics
  • Class 10- Understanding Economic Development
  • Class 11- Indian Economic Development
  • Class 12- Introductory Microeconomics
  • Class 12- Introductory Macroeconomics


  • Class 6- Chapter 9: The Living Organisms & their Surroundings
  • Class 7- Chapter 7: Weather, Climate & Adaptations of Animals
  • Class 7- Chapter 9: Soil
  • Class 8- 8th – Chapter 1: Crop Production & Management
  • Class 8- Chapter 5: Coal & Petroleum
  • Class 8- Chapter 7: Conservation of Plants & Animals
  • Class 8- Chapter 12: Friction
  • Class8- Chapter 18: Pollution of Air & Water
  • Class 9- Chapter 14: Natural Resources
  • Class 10- Chapter 14: Sources of Energy
  • Class 10- Chapter 15: Our Environment
  • Class 10- Chapter 16: Management of Natural Resources
  • Class 11- Biology Textbook
  • Class 12-  Biology Unit X: Ecology


  • Class 11- An Introduction to Indian Art

NCERT Books for UPSC:

You can buy the NCERT books online on Amazon and Flipkart. If you are looking for the free books, you can directly download it from the link we have given below.

You can now download  NCERT books for UPSC for free from the official website.

NCERT Books for UPSC Free Download PDF in English

NCERT Books for UPSC in Hindi:

NCERT books for UPSC Free Download PDF:

You can also download same books in Hindi language and you can download it from the link we have given above.

The candidates have to appear for the Preliminary exam. The ones who qualify this exam then appear in the Mains exam. After clearing the mains exam, the candidate is eligible to attend the interview process. This year, the prelims exam was conducted on 3rd June 2018 and the mains exam was from 28th September to 7th October. Candidates are advised to read the NCERT books we have mentioned above if they are planning to appear next year. These NCERT books form the very basic foundation for what you will be reading in advanced level during your preparation period. The application forms will be made available on the official website https://upsconline.nic.in/ . You are advised to keep checking the official website for notifications regarding the exam.

We wish all the aspirants good luck in their preparations.

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