What happened to the third season of the Kingdom on Netflix?

Kingdom is a Korean zombie-drama on Netflix. It managed to accumulate a huge fan base over two seasons. At the moment, Kingdom is one of the most popular Korean shows in the world. The two seasons available on Netflix are very popular, and people are eagerly waiting for the show to make a return.

After the second season of Kingdom ended with a cliffhanger, the fans cannot wait for the third season. However, Netflix hasn’t discussed any possibility of a third season of the show.

It is a well-known fact that Netflix tells if it wants to continue with a show within a couple of months of its release. However, Netflix hasn’t announced anything about the third season of the Kingdom. Netflix hasn’t talked about reviving the show. As a result, some fans think Netflix has canceled the show.

Looking at the popularity of the show it would be unwise to say if it is canceled. Netflix might be silent due to the difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. So, it would be wise for Netflix to wait for the situation to clear before making any announcement.

Now, the fans are excited to know what happens after the events of the second season of the show. So, the next question that Netflix needs to answer is when will Kingdom season 3 release, if Netflix is planning to revive the show. Few rumors suggest that Kingdom Season 3 will be streamed by late 2021 or early 2022. It should retain the original cast with Ju Ji-Hoon playing Crown Prince Chang, Bae Doo-Na as Seo-Bi, Kim Sung-Kyu aka Young-Shin, Jun Suk-Ho will play Jo Beom-Pal and Ahn Eun Jin as Moo Young’s Wife.

Stay tuned for all updates on Kingdom Season 3!

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