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The Richest British Pornstar To Join Bigg Boss 12?

Bigg Boss Danny DHit reality TV show Bigg Boss is coming back with another season this year. And to maintain the interest in the show, the makers are shortlisting the contestants which are popular and have a controversial life. After all, that’s what brings high TRP to the show. And now, according to the latest reports, Danny D, who is the richest British Pornstar is speculated to be a shortlisted for the latest season.

Danny D owns an adult production company and is a director too. The reports suggest that he will be joined with his Indian friend and actress Mahika Sharma. Speaking about the same, Danny said:

“Ever since the news started doing the rounds, fans have been asking me to do the show. Frankly, I haven’t watched Bigg Boss or Big Brother. I just know we are locked inside the house and struggle everyday while the camera is on us 24*7. But my manager says I have been offered one of them and he is still working on the mails. I have left the decision of it on two people. If it’s Bigg Boss in India then I would like to go with Mahika, if she cares for me, loves me, and doesn’t mind being with me inside the house.”

He further talked about on what conditions he will go into the house. He said, “My managers will calculate either I will earn more being inside the house or outside. Will surely invest my time for profit.”

Danny D also talked about the Bigg Boss host Salman Khan and showed interest in meeting him. He said, “I have heard a lot about Salman Khan. It would be fun meeting him any day. And I hope even if I’m not associated with the game show we could still meet. I have really not watched his movies yet but I have seen his pictures. He looks dashing.”

Danny is also going to produce a Bollywood film as well which will be titled The Modern Culture with her Indian Friend Mahika Sharma. Mahika is the former Miss Teen, Northeast, India.

Earlier pornstar Sunny Leone came as a contestant in Bigg Boss 5 and now has co-hosted several reality shows, and has done several Bollywood films as well.

Well, do you want him in the show?


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