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Bigg Boss 12 Winner: LIVE UPDATES- Bigg Boss 12 Winner’s name about to be declared

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Tonight is the BIG Night that you all have been waiting for. Winner will be declared from the Finalists today. However, you can check the name of the winner (as found by a Poll done by Hindustan Times) by Hovering your mouse over below line. [SPOILER ALERT] Hover Mouse to Reveal Winners Name according to HT Polls The season 12 of the popular reality show Bigg Boss is finally coming to an end.  It premiered on 16th September and since then, the show has been making headlines as always. This time, the show had the theme of ‘Vichitra Jodis’. Initially, the show made headlines with its most controversial couple: 65-year-old singer Anup Jalota and his 27-year-old girlfriend Jasleen Matharu.

The show witnessed some unexpected eliminations and bondings. Nirmal Singh was the first one to get eliminated followed by Neha Pendse, Sourabh Patel, Urvashi Vani, Rohit Sunchati and Surbhi Rana.

And now, when the show is moving towards the grand finale, the fans are super excited to see who will grab this year’s winner title. The grand finale is scheduled for December 30. The top five contestants who will compete for the trophy are Dipika Kakkar, Karanvir Bohra, Sreesanth, Romil Chaudhary and Deepak Thakur. The voting lines are currently open and you can vote for your favourite contestant still Saturday 10 am.

Bigg Boss 12 Voting:

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You can vote for your favourite contestant of Bigg Boss season 12 on Voot. To vote, click Voot Bigg Boss 12 Voting. You will need to login either via Facebook account or Google account in order to login via Voot. Also, keep in mind that this link will only work when the voting lines are open.

You can vote as many times as you want. So, go ahead and vote for your favourite contestant right away.

 Bigg Boss 12 Watch Online:

You can watch the finale of  Bigg Boss 12 online on Voot App. You can enjoy Bigg Boss 12 Live streaming by downloading the app on your phone or you can watch in your browser by visiting the website.

Bigg Boss Hotstar:

Bigg Boss is not available on Hotstar and you have to tune in to Voot to watch the show.

Watch all episodes by clicking here: Bigg Boss 12 Voot All Episodes

Stay tuned with The Telescope to know about the latest updates of Bigg Boss! Who do you think will win this year’s trophy? Let us know in the comment section!

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  1. Deepak is perfect player.
    Srishant is very proudy and egoistic fellow. I don’t understand why he is pampered by everyone from outside. In bigboss house surubhi and deepak are very clearly telling about his personality.
    As surubhi and deepak say Deepika is not at all has any existence in the house, as she is only there for Srishant.

    1. Yaa it’s Right plz vote for surbhi kyu ki vo sabhi game kheli hai or sree ne ak mehman ka bhi apman kiya hai India me maheman ko bhagvan mana jata hai or vo hamesa sabse ladta rahta hai or surbhi ko station ke randi kaha tha indirect but ye galat hai plz vote for surbhi

  2. Sreesanth is a spoilt brat who only smiles when he is patronizing people. To him kindness is only about the act of giving loose change to a beggar. All thats visible about him on the show is his disgusting new money attitude. There are far more accomplished people in the world and someone should tell him humility is what defines greatness. His ego is so big, it has its own zip code and Deepak and Dipika have figured it out well . Thats why they keep fanning it.
    Dipika plays righteous when its convinient to her. For all the class she claims to possess its annoying to hear her talk non stop when given a chance and interrupt people mid sentences.
    Her support for ‘bhai’ is parasitic and while it may appear that she is overshadowed by it , she has only come this far because of it.
    I am rooting for Romil. He is an excellent player and giving his best.

    1. Good and appropriate analysis. May the best man win. But you never know Sree has a lot of fans so it can swing either way.

  3. Its a biased show biggboss is just projecting shree sangh and deepika.
    They just don’t deserve to be a part of show bhai bhain ka rishta bahar banao.
    Surbhi a very talented participant is out she anytime deserve more than deepika and shree shant.
    Very bad biggboss really unhappy.

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