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Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1 India streaming timings

Who will finally sit on the Iron Throne? Jon, Daenerys, the Night King or someone else? Who will survive till the end? Will Jon and Daenerys have a happy ending together? All these questions will be answered as Game Of Thrones Season 8 air on 9 pm EST on April 14 (April 15) in India. Read furthermore to know about its date, time of release and how to watch Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1.

When does Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1 release in India?

The first episode of airs at 6:30 am on April 15, 2019, in India.

How many episodes will Game of Thrones Season 8 will have?

According to HBO, season 8 is the shortest season with six episodes in between 50 and 82 minutes.

Where can you watch Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1 In India?

Generally, an HBO subscription is available but there are many streamings services too which are widely used and are more popular in India.

In India, a Hotstar Premium subscription is required to watch Game Of Thrones uncensored. There are two plans available, Rs. 199 for a month or Rs. 999 for a year. There is also a free 7-day trial available, for which there will be no charges.

The show will likely be then censored and aired on Star World, Star World HD, Star World Premiere HD at 10:30 pm on April 16, a day after the official worldwide launch online.

How long is each episode of Game Of Thrones?

Game Of Thrones Season 8 has six episodes as follows, Episode 1: 54 minutes. Episode 2: 58 minutes. Episode 3: 60 minutes. Episode 4: 78 minutes. Episode 5: 80 minutes. Episode 6: 80 minutes.

The season 8 trailers and teasers were quite interesting and left us guessing about what happens in the finale. Finally, all questions will be answered on April 15.

Hope this article was helpful to you regarding Game of Thrones. Stay tuned to The Telescope for all the latest updates on trending topics.

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