Snapchat launches “Here for You,” a mental health awareness app!

The recent outbreak of Coronavirus has forced everyone to spend much of their time indoors. The monotonous and boring lifestyle is not meant for everyone, and thus, Snapchat has decided to take action.

Snapchat has begun rolling out a new tool to the platform called ‘Here For You” designed to connect those suffering from anxiety, depression, stress, and more with safety resources.

“Here for You” is a mental health and wellness search tool that Snapchat is planning to release shortly. This app is supposedly going to help users who are stressed due to the pandemic. Health for You will be helping the users by providing details about conditions such as anxiety, depression, stress, grief, suicidal thoughts, and bullying.

Snapchat has accelerated its mental health initiative ‘Here For you’ and is displaying resources from health experts in searches for Coronavirus.

Initially, the company was planning to roll out this app in a few months’ time. However, due to the current scenario, Snapchat has increased focus on the development of this app and is planning to launch it a lot earlier than planned.

The Verge talked about this app, and it reports that the app will provide the Snapchat content creators from the Ad Council, World Health Organization, the CDC, Crisis Text Line, NHS to post content related to Coronavirus in a dedicated section of this app when it comes out.

“Here For You was informed by studies that show that connecting with friends, whether in person or online, is often the best defense against feelings of loneliness and anxiety. We also know that Snapchatters are deeply interested in understanding these issues, and how they can support friends who are struggling with them,” confirmed by Snapchat spokesperson.

Snapchat is not the only social media platform that is trying to combat misinformation and support its users’ mental health during the Coronavirus pandemic. To quote a few

Facebook has created a dedicated “info center” for the outbreak and is integrating credible sources into its news feed.

Instagram is surfacing credible accounts in searches, like CDCgov and WHO, removing unreliable information and banning certain ads.

Twitter is doing its bit by removing content that denies advice from health authorities, removing misleading info and performing more quality checks.

TikTok is also doing its bit by launching a nightly program Happy At Home featuring celebs to help users feel more connected while practicing lockdowns.

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