Diljit Dosanjh Reveals Why He Never Talks About His Family

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Diljit Dosanjh is currently the most popular Punjabi actor and Singer who has been entertaining us since 2004 and still mesmerizing us with his soulful voice and charm on screen. 34-year-old  Diljit has given us some beautiful Punjabi films like Sardaarji, Jatt and Juliet, Ambarsariya etc. He also made his Bollywood debut with Shahid Kapoor and Alia Bhatt in 2016 film Udta Punjab for which he received Filmfare Award for Best Male Debut. 

While we know so much about Diljit’s professional work, people hardly know about his personal life. He was born in 1984 in a village of Jalandhar, Punjab. His father, Balbir Singh is a retired employee of Punjab Roadways while his mother Sukhwinder Kaur is a homemaker. He has an elder sister and a younger brother.

Diljit never prefers to talk about his family or post a picture with his parents or siblings on social media sites. In an interview to Anupama Chopra, he was asked about the same, to which he replied, “I have faced a lot of criticism in life. Protests were held in front of my house due to a song of mine. That particular song was a hit for about 2 years, people used to dance on it, until one day when people protested against the same. People tried to spoil my career. Many thought that I am taking away their business. Though I am not the only one who has faced such situations. I talked to several senior artists and they also shared similar experiences. In my case, fuel was added to fire because social media came into existence.”

He said:

“I cannot forget the day of the protest in front of my house. I asked my mother to go to my Uncle’s place. I said that this is all happening because of my mistakes. I felt really bad when I saw my mother leaving for my uncle’s place because of the mistakes that I have made.”

Diljit shared, “My first album came when I was 18. And today I am 33-34. So, anybody makes mistakes in their career, I have made too. Sometimes you don’t choose the right subject for the song, I admit that. But the family is not at fault in this. It is my decision. You can abuse me, criticize me, praise me. But don’t say anything to my family. So, that day, I decided never to make my family suffer because of me. Nobody shall criticize my family. Therefore, I never discuss much about my family, nor do I share their pictures. Even they are not interested in it. If I were not into this field, I would instantly delete apps like Instagram and Snapchat. Why do I need to tell people where I am. I do it just to stay in touch with people. There is no other medium. I don’t have any Godfather, or someone who can guide me. I don’t even have a huge bank balance. So, I never involve my family.”

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