India’s First-Ever Music Web Series “The Socho Project” coming out soon

Musicians in Bollywood are trying to raise their voices against the unfair practices of the industry. To show their talent and their struggles, Mrinal Jha and Abhigyan Jha are planning to release a web series. This new series would be the first-ever musical web series in India.

The Socho Project, the upcoming web series, will show the journey of seven musicians as they follow their dreams. These musicians are experts in a different genre and will show the struggle of new artists in the industry. The web series aims to empower the upcoming musicians. It tells them to their talent to new heights without becoming a victim of the industry’s unjust practices.

The Socho Project will feature Lopamudra Raut, Gaurav Khanna, Gunjan Utreja, Sahil Vaid, Donal Bisht. Additional cast members include Alekh Sangal and Arif Zakaria.

The creator and writer of the show, Mrinal Jha, talked about The Socho Project. He said, “I am extremely appalled by the music scene in India, which has been stagnant for the past 25 years. I have always believed in purpose-driven work ,and we are extremely proud to be presenting ‘The Socho Project’ – the maiden release by MAJ.
I deeply empathise with music artists and believe that it’s time we give them the opportunity and look beyond our short-sightedness. It’s time we nurture and foster real and genuine talent and help them to segue through the strong circle of the ‘apparent’ tastemakers of the industry and create an environment for them to breathe, survive, be accepted, and thrive.”

On the other hand, Abhigyan talked about the future of The Socho Project. He said, “As a second leg of ‘The Socho Project’ we will be focused on building a platform for young budding talent to connect with one another and put out original content, and further help them distribute their work, thus opening avenues for their growth in the music space. It is disheartening to know that we still don’t have a mainstream music industry in India that goes beyond the realms of Bollywood, and non-film musicians are still not taken seriously.

Check out the First look of “The Socho Project – Season 1” Full Video

The Socho Project is coming out in late 2020. There will 25 original songs in the series, and each song will focus on a unique concept. The first two songs are now available on the web.

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