‘Japan Sinks:2020’ Netflix to release anime adaptation of sci-fi disaster on July 9

Sakyo Komatsu’s best-selling sci-fi 1973 Japanese novel, Japan Sinks, is getting an anime adaptation. Titled Japan Sinks: 2020 anime is about a catastrophic earthquake that devastates Japan.

Check here the 2 minute promotional trailer of Japan Sinks: 2020 to get a sneak peek into the anime by Netflix!

Japan Sinks is one of the most popular disaster sci-fi novels in the country and across the world. The upcoming anime won’t be the first time that this novel is brought to screen as Sinking of Japan (2006) and Tidal Wave (1973) were two live-action films based on Japan Sinks.

In addition to these films, Japan Sinks got a TV series (1975) and a manga adaptation as well. The series that is coming to Netflix soon would be the first time that the novel gets an anime adaptation. Masaaki Yusa will direct the anime, and it will be produced by Science Saru, the animation studio owned by Yusa.

The novel tells about multiple natural disasters hitting Japan in the 1970s. However, the anime adaption brings the settings to 2020. JAPAN SINKS: 2020 where natural disasters occur after the suspension of the Tokyo Olympics. The anime will start with the conclusion of the Olympics game and will follow the story of two kids who are forced to survive after an earthquake hits Tokyo.

Netflix has announced the release date of Japan Sinks: 2020 to be July 9. This is a day before what would have been the start of Tokyo 2020. It is expected that a 10-episode season would be available for streaming. The role of the protagonist, a 14-year-old Olympic participant, and her brother, will be played by Reina Ueda and Tomo Muranaka, respectively.

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