Rumors: GTA 6 release date to be announced on March 25 & will be a PS5 exclusive!

We finally got to know about the specifications of PlayStation 5 and now a new rumor suggests that the new GTA game would be released as a timed exclusive for the new PlayStation for 1 month upon release. It is rumored that Rockstar Games is planning a major ‘GTA 6’ announcement following delays of PS5 & Xbox Series X due to Coronavirus.

Fans of the series have been waiting for seven years to play the game and earlier rumors saying that we will get to hear more about the next GTA game in the last week of March. So, there is still time for an announcement.

PlayStation 5 also had a lot of rumors associated with it before it was announced. People have to resort to rumors as Sony and as a matter of fact, Rockstar Games are very careful to not allow any information to leak to the outside world during their production cycle.

Even though we got to hear about the new PlayStation, still a lot of things are unclear, especially its price and its design. Even though PlayStation 5 is supposed to come with backward compatibility with PlayStation 4 games and accessories. Still, people are more interested to know about the games that would be released exclusively for the new console.

Now, with the rumor which is going around since 2015 saying that GTA 6 will be available exclusively for the PlayStation 5 for a time as Sony paid a huge sum to get the exclusive rights to the game. Rumors say that GTA 6 would be available exclusively for one month on the PS5 when it is released.

Stock reports from Take-Two interactive, the parent company of Rockstar Studios, suggests that their business plan is to release GTA 6 on the next-gen consoles, but the reports also say that the game won’t be announced until 2021.

The rumor about GTA 6 coming exclusively on the PlayStation 5 doesn’t seem far-fetched as a similar thing was popular during the PlayStation 2 era. So, there is a slight chance that rumor might turn out to be true.

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