Clash Of Clans: Spring 2020 Update Is Here With New Super Troops!

2013’s combat strategy game Clash of Clans by Supercell has recently been updated. Clash of Clans 13.180.6 update brings 4 Super Troops. Apart from this, the update has loads of new stuff and improvements. Here are the things that have changed!

Introduction of Super Troops: The update rolled out today i.e. 30th March 2020 and the biggest amuse is the addition of Super Troops. These are Town Hall 11 and above exclusive and can be purchased by dark elixir for a week. Initially, Super Giant, Super Wallbreaker, Sneaky Goblin, and Super Barbarian are added.

All these ‘Super Troops’ are faster, stronger and better than the regular ones. Once purchased, the regular troops are replaced with the super ones for a week and thus can be used in battles. Also, these troops can be further donated to clanmates if one has unlocked them. Also, one troop can be ‘supered’ at once and can’t be done again. The devs have made clear that new troops will be available to be made ‘Super’ time and again to keep the clash community happy.

New Upgrade Levels: Along with visual changes like the addition of waterfall along the sides of the village and better graphics, new levels of items have also been added in the new update. Following TownHall 9, new levels of troops and/or spells have been added.

Also, a new level of defensive buildings has been added. Now, Archer Towers max up at level 18, Mortar at level 13, Bomb Tower at level 8. Minions now max up at level 9, Poison and Valkyrie both at level 8.

This time, no new levels of Royals or heroes are added, thus Barbarian King and the Archer Queen both have the maximum level of 70 and Grand Warden of maximum level 50 and the newest hero, Royal Champion at level 20 as earlier.

Balanced Experience: Grand Warden has been criticized for being quite stupid as he follows wrong troops or attacks wrong defenses eventually. Now, his AI has been made better and now he is less likely to follow yetimites and heroes and thus be better.

Also, Eagle Artillery is made to go less likely against yetimites. Thus, after these being updated with more such changes, the devs have made the game much smoother and worthwhile to play.

How do you think the game is likely to perform? How excited you are for Super Troops? Do let us know in the comments section. Also, to stay updated with such news, stay tuned to www.phoneswiki.com.

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