Chris Hemsworth can be your personal trainer during Coronavirus self-isolation

Chris Hemsworth has come to the rescue of fitness freaks during the days of quarantine. His strict regime has attracted considerable attention and many strive for a physique like his.

To keep one fit mentally and physically during the Corona pandemic, The Thor, Chris Hemsworth has announced 6-week -free-trial on his own fitness app, titled ‘Centr’

Reaching out to his fans who want to stay fit and healthy during quarantine days, Centrfit is accessible free to all. The news about the launch was shared by the Australian on his Instagram profile. The announcement followed after the shutdown of gyms by the Australian Prime Minister.

“Centr was founded to make health and happiness accessible to all, and I hope that this will make that access even easier during the current health crisis,” in a statement by Hemsworth

Coronavirus has pushed everyone to the stage of uncertainty and social distancing. Social platforms and celebrities alike are trying their bit to make their fans shift focus to working on mental and physical health topped up by nutrition and a positive attitude.

The app also offers a wide variety of exercises, there are yoga teachers and other disciplines more oriented to calm the mind and work the body in a more harmonious way.

The Centrfit app is built in consultation with a team of experts. The  Hemsworth app has more than 1000 different trainings in the categories of Lose Weight, Get Fit & Toned, and Build Muscle. Depending on the end objective, different trainings have been created by Luke Zocchi, Elsa Pataki’s personal coach and Chris Hemsworth, among other trainers.

“There are experts in fitness , nutrition, cooks, teachers of meditation and dream visualization,” Chris Hemsworth added.

Chris’s project was created together with his best friend Luke Zocchi and also nutritionists, experts in vegan, vegetarian and semi-vegetarian food, a complete team to fill your life with positive thoughts.

All you have to do is to register and opt for the regimen. Make an advance payment which will be refunded at the end of 6-week trial period. The offer is available from March 23 and ends on March 31. The most affordable subscription plan is priced at $10/month while a full year’s membership will cost $120 only.

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