Career in Animation? Check out the trending top 4 Animation SkillSet in demand in India

Do you want to make a career in Animation in India? Here is a guide to finding the right career option in Animation!

There are many growth opportunities in the field of animation jobs in India, especially in IT, media and digital industry. Animation is a competitive field and to make a prospective career in this field, you need to have not only creative and technical skill sets but also you should be able to think innovative and out of the box. Along with experience and skills, building a strong network is also very essential to give access to better opportunities. That is the reason, it is advisable for young freshers with an animation degree to work as interns, to work with others in creative projects and to develop complementary skills so as to excel in animation jobs.

Top 4 Animation Jobs in India

Which industry creates Animation Jobs?

With the advancements in digital technology coupled with the internet, there has been a boom in the Animation Jobs industry in India and ample animation job opportunities are available in various domains.The most prominent sectors that are in need of animation jobs are as follows:

  • Computer Systems Design
  • ITES
  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Motion Picture/Film Industry
  • Software Publishers
  • Online Media
  • Advertising
  • Book publishing
  • Public Relations
  • Specialized Design Services etc.

Career in Animation in India – Top 4 Animation Profiles in India

As per the industry trends and requirements, listing the top 4 jobs in animation field.

graphic designing courses

Career in Animation in India-Graphics Designer Profile

Graphics designer is one of the most popular types of animation jobs in India and is widely in demand. There is a need for graphic designers in IT and ITES industry for websites and web designing. Graphics designers are also needed in the designing of books, magazines, advertising banners, posters, billboards. Skillful, talented professional graphic designers are also needed for designing computer games, product packaging, corporate communications for brand identity, logo designs, designs in exhibitions and displays. This type of animation job requires good interpersonal and communication skills as well, as you need to work with a team and should interact with the client or creative director to design something as per requirements. Graphic designer salary in India for an inexperienced range from Rs27,000 to Rs30,000. With experience and exposure, the salary increases manifold and there are good chances to make a jump in other streams of Animation Jobs.


Career in Animation in India-Animator Profile

One of the most sought-after animation jobs in India is that of an animator. The job profile involves creating multiple images called frames, which when joined together in a sequence produce an illusion of movement, which is referred to as animation. These images can be created in 2D form or 3D form, can be hand-drawn or digital, and sometimes include puppets or models. Animators in computer animation jobs are widely in demand in the mobile industry, in the computer games and Internet industry, TV and film industry for creating special effects. Even for creating new software programs, in creating media using illustrations, visual effects in advertisings, banners, storyboards, and posters, animators are needed. With a professional certification or diploma in animation from a recognized institute, the candidates can apply for animator jobs. Of course, an artistic sense along with knowledge of software programs and computer technology is a must to be a good animator. Animator salary in India for an intern starts at around Rs8,000 and an experienced one gets Rs60,000 per month.

games designer

Career in Animation in India-Games Developer and Designer Profile

Video game developing and designing jobs come under the field of animation jobs in India. The video game designer industry is an upcoming industry in India, offering exciting and competitive career opportunities for the right candidates. As a game developer and game designer, you should have a passion for technology, games and interactive entertainment. This type of animation job involves the use of science, art, technology, design, engineering, mathematics along with animation skills. It involves programming, designing and developing action-packed video games for console games, online games, games in computer, mobile phones, and hand-held devices. Game designers and game developers are required not only in the gaming industry but also in education, marketing, advertising, web design, and other businesses. Game developer salary in India for a beginner is Rs35,000 to Rs40,000 per month approximately. Acquiring skill in Game Design is a high paying job and with experience the pay packets increase.


Career in Animation in India-Illustrator Profile

If you are looking for an exciting career to use your creative art and design skills to communicate ideas through images and pictures, an illustrator job is recommended. Illustrators are lucrative animation jobs in India. Illustrators are required to create creative still drawings to express a message, idea, or a story. These illustrations are then used in books, magazines, greeting cards, packaging, advertisements, posters, brochures, etc. Even photographs, digital drawings, image illustrations are used. Illustrator animation jobs are available in advertising, publishing, corporate work, editorial, fashion, merchandising, multimedia, ITES, etc. On an average Illustrator job salary in India ranges in the bracket of Rs35,000 to Rs40,000 per month.

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