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IMO Free Video Calls and Chat/Text App has various benefits. It will help you to do message chat and video chat. You may ask since there are already applications to do above-mentioned activities, what is the difference between this one and others. IMO Beta will help you to do them without cost. It is independent of the device for its usage. One can send unlimited messages.

Through IMO Free Video Calls and Chat App, one can do free video calls, voice and prank call over any internet spectrum or even WiFi connection. The main difference between this and others is, download IMO on Softonic Application will help you to do high-quality video calls and voice calls.

IMO Free Video Calls and Chat App

With IMO App’s new video chat service, users can connect with friends for a webcam chat without requiring sign-in steps. Download Amazon prime video. This service will only support one on one chat. When you make IMO Log in for the first time, you will visit an URL for your own webcam chat. Once you have done through this, each time you will see a new URL to share your contact. In order to connect to IMO Messenger, one should follow the steps mentioned in the features area. In order to IMO Web, users should establish an internet connection and the concerned web browser.

IMO Free Video Calls and Chat App

IMO Beta APP for Video Calls Features Defined

  • Link your webcam to your Youtube download PC or Mac.
  • Click the webcam icon to enable the connection of webcam.
  • When IMO messenger link is made, you can allow usage of the camera by clicking Allow from the flash settings window.
  • You should copy URL and paste the web address into an Email or social networking post to invite your friend into IMO free video calls and text/chat.
  • It helps in sharing photos and videos.
  • You can express yourself with its contained free stickers.
  • You can also do encrypted chats and calls with IMO Calls.
  • IMO APK, IMO for PC, IMO for Windows Phones and IMO Beta are the variety of IMO.
  • One can avoid Message and call charges with IMO Chat and Video Calling App.

Either you or your friend can initiate the chat. You both should be logged into the same service like Yahoo! Messenger. It does not matter that you both should use IMO App to do IMO Free Video Calls and Chat. You can also directly connect to the chat service.

IMO Download For Android/PC/iOS/

Create IMO Beta App and tap me tab and ensure that you are signed into the desired service. Tapping the current setting and choosing an option from the availability menu which appears on the contacts tab. See if the person you want to chat with is being present with IMO App connected. You can tap on the person’s entry to begin a chat. Enter the message in your IMO Chat page and tap on the send button.

  1. On the home screen, tap Apps and then tap IMO Video Calls App.
  2. Tap the icon of a service which you want to access using IMO Chat application. You should already create an account under the selected service.
  3. One should enter IMO user name and password for the selected service
  4. In order to add other chat accounts, one should touch on add account button and repeat the aforementioned steps.
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