Why students and practitioners go for RadarOpus Homeopathy software?

RadarOpus is a homeopathic software that tends to aid the students and practitioners who are pursuing the course of Homeopathy.…

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Foods that lower Blood Pressure Quickly – Wonder fruit called Banana!

What is Hypertension, or high blood pressure? It is the pressure exerted by blood against artery walls. The prescribed range…

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Quiz on “Am I having a heart attack”? Are you at risk of heart attack?

If you or someone else is suffering from a heart attack – myocardial infarction in medical terminology, will you be…

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Do you know the health benefits associated with drinking purified water? Check them here!

Water is one of the basic necessities and in order to lead a healthy life one must drink clean water.…

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If Sugar was introduced today, it would be a banned substance- Here is why you should avoid Sugar

Why should we avoid binge-ing on sugar diet? There is no doubt that sugar makes food palatable and tasty to…

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14 Symptoms that shows your Body Is Deficient In Vital Nutrients and how to fix them

We often take care of the things we own. We buy a new car and take it to service after…

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DIY Hair Loss Treatments

DIY Hair Loss Treatments As you age, a lot of incredible things begin to happen. You might find it hard…

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What are Paneer Nutritional Facts? Read More on Paneer Nutrition Facts, Paneer Calories and Paneer Side Effects

Paneer Nutritional Facts Paneer or cottage cheese is a very popular food in India. Nutritional value of Paneer is very…

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Is it good to sleep without a pillow- Here are benefits of sleeping without a pillow

Is it good to sleep without a pillow? Most of the people love to sleep with a soft and fluffy…

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People born with Purple eyes and how can you cure Alexandria’s Genesis

Have you ever seen or heard about purple eyes? Well, it isn’t just any other eye color like black, blue…

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