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True value carsTrue Value is Maruti Suzuki’s pre-owned car unit. It has expanded its operations and introduced various outlets in PAN India (Presence Across Nation). As per the research, True Value has 1,190 outlets spread across 936 cities ( as in March 2017).

The pre-owned car market in India has been expanding, drastically. True Value is on the front foot in the pre-owned car market. It aims at increasing its sales by offering pre-owned cars at fair prices. True Value is targeting middle class or two-wheeler owners by providing them a pre-owned car at affordable prices.

Earlier, it was considered an unreliable decision of purchasing a pre-owned (second hand) car. Since True Value is a unit of Maruti Suzuki, customers are on the verge of building trust to buy a pre-owned car. Maruti Suzuki holds a good share in Car Market in India. Hence, customers can rely on Maruti Suzuki True Value cars, easily.

True value cars

Maruti Suzuki’s concept of “True Value” (an outlet to sell pre-owned cars) enhanced modernization and encouraged two-wheelers to switch to four-wheelers at reasonable costs. These outlets have a digital portal wherein True Value Cars for sale are shown. People can log on to True Value cars portal and have a look at all the pre-owned cars that are available for sale, nationwide. The portal also displays True Value cars price list.

As per the facts and figures, Maruti Suzuki has sold approx 3.50 lakh units of True Value used cars. Maruti is initially looking forward to achieving its 1st phase, i.e. aiming to set up 150 dealers this year. Later on, they are expecting to reach  300 dealers in the next  2-3 years.

Maruti Suzuki is a customer-centric company. Thus, it aims at providing the best possible experience to the buyers of pre-owned cars. They do not wish to discriminate or treat buyers of new cars and pre-owned cars, differently. They have created a digital base to serve the same service to pre-owned car buyers.

True Value is focusing on offering quality cars, refurbished and certified with the assurance of a warranty that too at a fair price. Maruti Suzuki’s True Value (pre-owned car unit) in step towards organised Re-sale/ Second-Hand car market. They have a variety of used cars that are available for sale.

As a True Value customer you can expect the following:

  1. Fair Prices: Maruti Suzuki, being a consumer-centric company, provides used cars are fair prices. They’ll charge you a fair amount and offer a quality refurbished car.
  2. Multiple Brands: True Value is a unit of Maruti Suzuki, although it serves the customers with multiple brands and various car options. They offer hatchback cars, sedan class, semi-sedan, SUV, etc.
  3. Transparency: Maruti Suzuki believes in keeping things transparent with its customers. Hence, all the details about the seller as well as the buyer of the pre-owned cars are available.
  4. Customer Convenience: True Value, value customers time and look forward to their convenience. So, the transfer of ownership of the car is done by true value dealer. They have a nationwide existence as well as the digital approach for customer accessibility. Digital portal shows the True Value cars price list and makes it is easier for the customer to make a decision, accordingly.
  5. Quality Assurance: Maruti Suzuki believes in providing quality over cost-cutting. So, all the cars are refurbished and repaired using Maruti Suzuki parts, and they provide the buyer with a 1 year Maruti Suzuki warranty. Along with this, 3 free car service is also given to the buyer of pre-owned True Value cars.
True value has made their website user-friendly. You can go through for various available options to buy pre-owned cars.

The website gives the following options:
  1. You can search by outlet locator and go in person to see the options available in nearby stores.
  2. You can search on the website by entering the model you want to buy and the city.
  3. If you are not sure of the model, in fact, your choice of car will be base on your budget then you can search the options available by entering the budget and the city.
  4. It is similar to purchasing any other product online. You can put filters such as fuel type (diesel, CNG, petrol or both), budget, model, car type (hatchback, sedan class, semi-sedan, SUV, MUV or Van).
  5. Once you visit the website you will be able to see the cars available for sale, recently added (cars recently added for sale), Top rated cars available for sale and most searched cars on the website.
  6. Maruti’s True Value website is eye-catchy and user-friendly. You can search for the cars as per your convenience.
  7. The website is user-friendly and lets visitors search cars easily. It also gives you an option to fill in your details and get a call back from them. You can get in touch on call to know all the details in person and by getting information call, instead of visiting the outlet, will save your time as well.

All in all, it is the consumer who gets all the possible benefits on purchase of a pre-owned car. Maruti True Value cars are reliable as well as affordable. Customers get attracted to the refurbished products if they are given a warranty period. It creates a sense of trust on the seller and the product being sold.

Maruti Suzuki is expanding its pre-owned cars market. It is a benefit to them as a company as well as to the consumers for making it easier to shift from two-wheelers to four-wheelers. It is also expected that True Value will prove to be the company that will organize the pre-owned cars market/sector.

An initiative to make customers rely on pre-owned cars and shift to four-wheelers for a fair price.

Maruti True Value cars, you can trust them for the price as well as quality!!

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