Using car pooling app to offer rides? Your car can get impounded

car Ride sharing app fineOfficials in Karnataka Transport department launched a new drive of cracking down owners of private vehicles who uses car ride sharing apps like Bla Bla etc to for commercial benefits. Many such incidents were reported in Karnataka where officials from the Transport department disguised as passengers booked rides offered by such car owners, then challaned them and impounded their cars.

A separate court penalty of Rs 2,000 was put on an i20 car owner from Telangana for using his car to offer rides in return for money from passengers.

On talking to with the officials who conducted such raids, they told us that the whole idea of car pooling and ride sharing is being misused by few car owners. Genuine cases of car pooling where people travel together to share costs of fuel and other expenses is fine, but when people starts using their private cars for making profits, its in direct violations of traffic rules and hence we must act to stop it.

They also added that, when passengers travels in private cars, they are not entitled to receive any compensations from insurance companies in case of a mis happening as insurance companies don’t cover passengers traveling in other’s private cars.


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