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Check out the Best #BottleCapChallenge Responses

Is it not crazy? Another challenge thrown to people! This time it is more for fitness enthusiasts. Coming after the paramount weird #KikiChallenge in 2018, we are now exposed to a new challenge- #BottleCapChallenge in 2019. It has infected everyone alike on social media with the account of entertainers hijacked by their # #BottleCapChallenge videos. The challenge was thrown open a few days back but it has taken social media by storm.

For those who are still new to the “#BottleCapChallenge” – What is it? It is the latest viral trend where people spin off a bottle cap usually with a spinning roundhouse kick. Hollywood A-list celebrities and athletes, martial arts practitioners, Bollywood stars were the first ones to take up the challenge. John Mayer, Jason Statham and Guy Ritchie have all nailed the #BottleCapChallengeand now everyone is trying it. You can check some of the best #BottleCapChallenge responses from your favorite stars for ideas.

The first challenge was thrown by World Champion Taekwondo Farakick from Almaty Kazakhstan. He challenged Jason Statham and a few more names to take up

Challenge was accepted by Jason Statham from World Champion Taekwondo Farakick. But he was seen passing the challenge to his friends!

Errolson Hugh was one name which actually got the ball rolling and #bottlecapchallenge and got the challenge rolling. It was highly unlikely response from a well-known fashion designer

Bollywood’s own Khiladi, Akshay Kumar was also not left behind. Showing off his fitness skills, Akshay can be seen kicking the cap off the bottle with finesse, equally good as his idol, Jason Statham

Few memes coming up to!!

The latest one to go for is the former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen and her family. She can be seen the spinning off the cap from the bottle with an expert flying kick. She aptly captioned it – “Why should boys have all the fun?”

In spite of all the craze going global for #BottleCapChallenge, Dia Mirza found it “sickening”. She being “UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador” objected to the use of a plastic bottle. She has been very vocal about the harmful impact of single-use plastic on earth’s environment.

Actor Donnie came up with a variant of Bottle Cap Challenge when he took up the challenge. The unique and best part of the entire event was when Donnie just took it up a notch by pulling off the challenge after blindfolding himself.

Few more to make your day and garner ideas!

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This one’s crazy. 😳 (submitted by @steellafferty)

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Seems Ryan Reynolds was the worst contender to post #BottleCapChallenge Response. Check out yourself!

Tech Giant Xiaomi’s Global VP Manu Jain also gave a demo of his athletic abilities and marketing of the yet to be launched Redmi K20 series in India. Check out what he shows off!

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