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Mumbai City Trailer- Mahesh Bhatt’s First Film As An Actor

Mumabi City- The Dark Side Of Life

Mumbai City Trailer which is Mahesh Bhatt’s first film as an actor was recently revealed. Mumbai City is an upcoming Bollywood drama starring Mahesh Bhatt, Kay Kay Menon, Nikhil Ratnaparkhil and Neha Khan in lead roles. Bhatt unveiled Mumbai City trailer recently and it shows the dark lives of people who had dreams in their eyes and migrated to the city of dreams- Mumbai. The film shows stories of several people- A middle class working couple, a share broker, a model, a police inspector, Kashmiri Tourists, a painter, and an aspiring singer.

Each of them had different dreams but their lives took a U-turn. The film is produced under the banner of Lakshya Productions and is directed by Tariq Khan.

Mumbai City Trailer:

Mumbai city trailer

The trailer strikes a resemblance to Mahesh Bhatt’s production film Life In A Metro. Both the films depict the struggling life in Mumbai city.

Talking about the similarity in both the films, Mahesh  Bhatt said, “I think every human being has gone through a struggle in their life and Anurag Basu’s ‘Life In A Metro’ looks closer to this film but this film has a different kind of narrative.”

It is the first time that filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt has stepped into the shoes of an actor. Talking about his experience as an actor, he said, “Acting is a difficult task. In acting, you have to remember lines and you have to be on your toes. I think it is easy to tell how to act from behind the camera but it is difficult to smile in front of the camera.”

Bhatt who has directed critically acclaimed films like Zakhm, Naam etc said, “It is a different medium and I will never consider myself as an actor and if audience like my performance in the film, then all credit goes to Tariq Khan.”

The audience is excited about the film. It is slated for October 5 release. Mumbai City Trailer has already touched around a million views on Youtube.

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