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Bollywood Actress Koena Mitra Sentenced 6 Month Of Imprisonment

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Bollywood actress Koena Mitra who was seen in films like Insan, Dhool, Musafir and Dark Romance has been sentenced 6 months of jail time under a cheque bouncing case. Koena had borrowed Rs 22 lakh from a model Poonam Sethi with a promise to repay over a period of time. However, she failed to do so.

Koena paid a cheque of Rs 3 lakh to Sethi as repayment which bounced in the bank due to insufficient funds in her bank account. Sethi then sent a legal notice to Mitra on October 2013. Koena was asked to pay Rs 4.64 lakh to the complainant out of which Rs 1.64 was the interest payable on the amount.

At that time, Koena told IANS,

“It is a court matter, so obviously we will go to the higher court to challenge the order. The higher court will give us an order (and) only then can we talk about it. Right now, I don’t have anything to say except that it’s a fraud case and I am being framed.”

Koena defended herself by claiming that Sethi doesn’t have the financial capability to lend a loan of Rs 22 lakh and also that she stole her cheques. However, her claims were rejected in court.

“Merely because she (Sethi) did not enter into any service contract with production houses for modelling or in 2012-13 she was doing ‘small type’ of modeling as compared to the accused, who was allegedly a well-known film artist even prior to 2012-13, will not affect the capacity of Poonam to advance such friendly loan to the accused,” the court said.

And now, Andheri Metropolitan court in Mumbai has sentenced her 6 months of jail. After the verdict, Koena said,

“The case is totally false and I have been framed in the matter. During the final argument, my lawyer could not be present in the court and hence my side was not heard and the order was passed without my hearing. We will be challenging the judgment in the higher court and my lawyers are in the process of appealing.”

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