Charm and Beauty of Masai Mara! A lifetime experience, Not to be missed!

Masai Mara, memories to last a lifetime

Masai Mara is endowed with beauty! Imagine yourself early in the morning amidst bursting nature, trees along rolling grassy hills, Masai Mara landscape is enchanting. The breeze of fresh air is perfect, neither hot nor cold and couple with sounds of nature, it is mesmerizing. The biggest difference from other reserves is that you will find animals moving unafraid everywhere.

As you move forward, Maasai Mara, you come across terrific sightings of giraffes and zebra as they make their way to watering holes. Along with them, you can catch glimpse of a herd of elephants, warthog, waterbuck, and buffalos, to name a few, joining them. It will not be wrong to say that if you are lucky you can spot a lion at the same place! With the presence of lion around them, you can feel a sense of heightened alert amongst the animals. I caught hold of an unforgettable sight of a lioness relaxing in solitude after having a feast on her kill. Also was lucky next day to watch live how three lionesses chased away a male lion who was harassing two cubs.

Till date, we have been watching this scene in the comfort of our homes in front of the television set, on Geographic Channel. But the thrill of seeing all of them live in front of your eyes, cannot be penned down. It can be experienced and soaked in by the eyes, the smell of surroundings, live air movement, all senses coming to life!

Masai Mara, where you can see “Big 5” and have your own National Geographic Channel

As you travel along the Mara triangle you come across a more breathtaking sight of the wild cheetah on a kill. It is a common sight to find hundreds and thousands of wildebeest, zebra and antelope gathering and moving in search of food. You will forget the nail-biting tense visuals from jungles when you experience the journey of animals in search of food. Out of the Big 5, I was lucky to spot four though it is said leopards & rhinos difficult to spot. I could not get a good visual of rhino though!

Worth visiting is the place where the Masai Mara meets Serengeti a couple of hours from Tanzania border. Here you will witness one of the world’s largest migrations and an activity that makes Africa unique – Wildebeest to fresh pastures. This is possible only when you plan your trip to watch this amazing phenomenon from August till October.

Piece of advice to make the trip “an adventure of a lifetime”. To enjoy the trip and get the maximum out of it, hire an experienced guide. He knows the habits of the animals, and can always locate them from where we humans cannot. He will also keep you safe and not threatened, not crowded with a line up of jeeps. Of all the reserves, Mara Triangle was found to be most safe, well maintained, best sightings and managed by efficient rangers.With animals grazing past me in Masai Mara, curiously looking at me, mostly unafraid made me feel whether they had come out to see me!

You can plan a trip to nearby Masai Tribe dominated villages to gain insight about their exciting and different lifestyle.

Photos Credit: Dr. Hardwardhan

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