Badshah vs Honey Singh- My Father Cried Because Of Honey Singh, Says Badshah

Honey Singh and Badshah are the two prominent rappers in India. Honey Singh entertained us for a decade before taking a break and going to a rehab to deal with his drinking problem. In the mean time, Badshah rose to fame and became the Rap King. In no time, he stepped into Bollywood as well and now he is a regular voice in Bollywood’s peppy numbers.

However, Badshah and Honey Singh who once worked together are not on talking terms now. There are allegations on Honey Singh that he used Badshah and Raftaar’s work and didn’t give them credit. While there are various stories on the web about their spat, Badshah came forward to share his side of story.

Badshah Blames Yo Yo Honey Singh (हिंदी )

What went wrong Between Badshah and Yo Yo Honey Singh?

Badshah said, “I am the least belligerent probably of the breed of rappers there are right now. We rappers are very competitive when it comes to wordplay but see what I and Raftaar have gone through is really sad and we just pray it should not happen with anyone. The credits being taken away, do you know- Ruthlessly just because you wanted to be famous. Just because you think it’s your time. Just because we supported you like a brother. We have left our family. We are sleeping at the studio. We are doing whatever you are asking us to do just because we consider you brother and you out there not even giving us credit.”

He further added, “My song was released with Honey.  It was called Get Up Jawani. You go there, my name is not there. I was in the video. I spent money. Hard-earned money- not mine, my parents’. My dad cried because of that guy. I am not gonna forget that. He can go out in public and say whatever but I just feel sad.”

“Artists don’t get miffed like that. Artists by nature are nice people but the problem is when business gets mixed with art, it can be good, it can be really bad. I think the greatest gratification of an artist is credit and the love,” he further added.

Badshah now says that he is over his past now. He said, “However, I have moved on. I am happy.”

He declined the rumors that he indicated to Honey in his song Therapy.

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