The time has come to say- #VoteKar! Checkout the Pulse of Democracy on “NETA” App

#LokSabhaElections2019 Fever On Neta App complete with ratings&reviews of Netas! Check it Out!

Neta – An App on Your Leaders’ Report Card

Neta“, an app, conceived by Jalandhar based – Wharton School graduate Pratham Mittal, was launched on lines similar to Gallup of US market in August 2018 by none other than former President Pranab Mukherjee. The idea which triggered the launch of the only startup in the arena of politics was the need for a common platform to raise grievances, ideas, and innovative ideas. Though there are different ways to reach out to your netas like social media pages, government portals to name a few but there was nothing to quantify and rate their performance by the end users. In other words a measure of the popularity of politicians and electoral candidates, using public polls.

Rate and Vote on “Neta” during

The aim of the app is bi-fold. It makes the leaders work harder right through their tenure to improve ratings and also it serves as Live Data Reference points for the party leaders to ensure that only the top candidates get the ticket.

“Neta” app is a cross-platform application built for all platforms – Android, iOS and a Web app users using modes like IVR and SMS to gather voters’ sentiments, opinions, ratings, polling on issues. It also facilitates the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), one-time password (OTP) and Aadhaar numbers to ensure that the voters are genuine. It is available in 16 different languages which become easier for locals to use. “Neta” app was field tested successfully with a high success rate during Karnataka legislative assembly elections and Rajasthan’s Ajmer and Alwar constituencies.


“Neta” a Leader Dashboard to Gauge public mood irrespective of Election Times!

“National Electoral Transformation (NETA)” mobile application is unique in its concept as it targets the voters of the country to rate and give feedback in the form of review comments to their leaders (MPs and MLAs) on the basis of their performance. In the parlance of Corporate World, it is called performance appraisal which can happen anytime unlike the usual trend of coming out with a report card every five years. In a typical election scenario, the politicians are questioned by media when the beagle for election dates is about to be announced. The politicians are accountable for their actions just before the elections for the duration they held the office!

Unlike the norm of evaluating the report card after a tenure of 5 years, “Neta” app provides a forum for citizens to give ratings and review comments to the leaders on the basis of work performed. A powerful tool, “Neta” Leader Dashboard helps in gauging LIVE the pulse of Indian democracy, any time of the tenure. Built on the concept, for making politicians accountable for their actions and in order to be on the top each day, the leader has to work every day! “Neta” startup is doing a good job through an out of box business model and now the testing times are ahead for the app when it is all set to go national for the #LokSabhaElections2019.

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