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Is MPL (Mobile Premier League) a scam? Does MPL pay you?

Mobile Premier League

Are you interested in earning legal money while playing games online? There is certainly no dearth of alternatives available on Android play store but we shy away because either some are scams or the acceptance level is low in the market. Most of the apps either force you to watch endless video ads, fill survey forms, ask money in advance and fizzle out or even a more than acceptable buildup time after installation.

One such mobile app I am suggesting which has successfully countered the user based issues and addressed the cash withdrawal time from the account – the fastest growing mobile e-sports Mobile Premier League(MPL). It has been built on the principles of E-Sports platform, it offers to game addicts a bouquet of many skill-based mobile games like Fruit Chop, Pro Cricket, Monster Truck, Bubble Shooter, Space Breaker to choose from. Some of the games we have been playing since childhood like racing games, endless running games, famous Candy Crush, and Ninja Jumper, we never knew that playing them could earn us money! New games are added every week depending upon the feedback and market needs. With all genre of games integrated into one app, earning big cash only needs practice. The live gaming and availability of wide variations in games have made Mobile Premier League(MPL) a popular choice.

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Is MPL – Mobile Premier League a trusted app to earn or is it a scam?

Personal experience and user reviews suggest that the reward amount after playing gets directly transferred to PayTM account without delay. Though there are many ads that are the source of income to run MPL. Irrespective of the prize amount you earned, it has been found to be transferred and hence it cannot be said that it is a scam.! The higher you score while playing, MPL rewards you more. Initially, you are not charged by MPL for playing but as the play progresses you need to pay for tokens. You also earn by referring the app with referral code in your social circle. The maximum you can earn is Rs. 15,000 per tournament. The Mobile Premier League(MPL) has been found to be a legitimate Play and Earn app unlike many of its competitor apps. All you have to do is to verify your KYC and add the details of your PayTm/UPI/Bank Account transfer with a single click.

The basic concept on which Mobile Premier League(MPL) is built is to give to its end users feeling of earning money while having fun.  With IPL (Indian Premier League) kicking off on 23rd March, Virat Kohli has become officially the brand ambassador of Mobile Premier League(MPL), in a way endorsing the authenticity of the product in the market! He will be involved in

Virat will participate in a series of multi-channel marketing and promotional activities for the brand.

Based on the Forbes report, eSports market is growing by leaps and bounds touching over $1.1 billion with 600 Million users added by 2020 in India. Playing and earning on mobile has gained momentum in India with affordable plans and easy availability of handsets. Looking at the trends Mobile Premier League(MPL) is here to stay and grow.

Another equally interesting fantasy sports platform is “Dream 11 – Enjoy the Thrill of the game by becoming an active sports fan!” With no time and location constraints, be ready to be part of the largest skill-based platform in the world of mobile gaming and win big cash always. What you need are a good internet connection and an Android phone! Get Ready to challenge yourself in the world of mobile gaming!

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