Be the eyes Of Election Commission of India- Use “cVigil” Election app for Android!

As the country is cruising towards , the Election Commission has started sending out SMSs in a format similar to below. It is seeking support from vigilant 90 crore voters to become extended eyes for EC and encouraging them to report any violation of the Model Code of Conduct.

Be the eyes Of Election Commission of India – report Model Code of Conduct Violation ANYTIME ANYWHERE – banners & posters, gift & coupons, use of threat, hate speeches, firearms display with assured action within 100 minutes. Download cVlGlL app NOW – CHIEF ELECTORAL OFFICER <<State>>

cvigil election app for android

cVigil cvigil election app for android– Election app for Android

In an effort to keep the elections fair in the largest democracy of the world, Election Commission of India launched an election app for android – “cVigil” on July 3, 2018. The message to each voter by EC is very crisp – each citizen is enabled to report any instance of Model Code of Conduct Violation happening at any point of time and at any location.It is estimated that the app will serve mode of fast information channel to transmit and track complaints.

This unique combination of time-stamping, live photo with auto location can be fairly relied upon by election machinery to navigate to the right spot and take prompt action

Users can click photos and record videos up to two minutes’ duration of the scene for any instance which is not in cognizance of the code of conduct of elections. The reporter’s geographical location will be tapped by the app and unfair means of reporting will be handled by the app. Due to the lack of documented evidence in the past elections, timely actions could not be taken. But with the launch of “cVigil” (which stands for “citizens’ vigil”) and internet-enabled people, will be a launchpad for fighting irregularities. “cVigil” app is built to capture the unique combination of time-stamping, live photo with the auto location, sufficient enough to be evidentiary proof of MCC violation.

“cVigil” app is available on Android platform and can be downloaded from Google Play Store to report any anomaly only during the elections happening in the area of the reporter.

Steps to download “cVigil” cvigil election app for androidapp (v1.10)

  • Install the app from the location on Play Store for free
  • cVigil app will ask permission for taking pictures and recording videos. Click on Allow option
  • cVigil app will ask permission for accessing photos/media/files from the Android device. Click on Allow option
  • cVigil app will ask permission for accessing the device’s location.  Click on Allow option
  • Select the language option (Only English/Hindi available as of now)
  • Check the box on the Disclaimer page
  • Enter your 10 digits mobile number to get OTP
  • You can also sign in as Annonymous

Following is a list of 15 items that can be reported by the voter as a possible violation of the code of conduct on cVigil app

  1. Distribution of currency
  2. Distribution of gifts
  3. Distribution of liquor
  4. Putting up posters/banners without permission
  5. Posters without a mandatory declaration
  6. Defacement of property
  7. Convoy and/or vehicles without prior permission
  8. Display of firearms
  9. Paid news
  10. Making arrangments to transport voters
  11. Campaigning after the ban period
  12. Speakers being used after the permitted time
  13. Transportation of public rallies
  14. Hate speeches by parties on communal/religious grounds
  15. Campaigning within 200 meters of the polling booth


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