15 Health Benefits Of Cannabis Oil You Need To Know

People have always been skeptical about cannabis. Sure, back in the 70s they smoked the odd joint at college frat parties, but that was about the extent of their cannabis flirtation. So, you can imagine the surprise and initial skepticism when the medicinal properties of cannabis began hitting the mainstream. People tend to usually stay away from clickbait articles because you can’t always trust everything on the internet. But, just a few weeks ago, Optimum cable was showing a late night documentary on cannabis. The contents of that documentary would have been shocking for you if you were watching it. Cannabis oil is medical history’s newest weapon against a host of health problems and issues.

What is Cannabis Good For?

Very few people remain unaware that cannabis is used in the treatment of cancer. But what even fewer people know is that cancer treatment isn’t the only application of medicinal cannabis. Check out CBD capsules for sale!

According to contemporary research and studies, cannabis oil has the following health benefits:

  1. Cancer Prevention
  2. Pain Relief
  3. Reduces Seizures
  4. Counters Alzheimer’s
  5. Good for Cardiovascular Function
  6. Stimulates Appetite
  7. Improves Bowel Health
  8. Eases Sleeplessness
  9. Alleviates Arthritis
  10. Good for Optical Health
  11. Fights Parkinson’s
  12. Stress Relief
  13. Treats Effects of Trauma
  14. Reduces Stroke Effects
  15. Eases Sclerosis Pain

Lets briefly discuss each medicinal benefit of cannabis oil in turn.


Cancer Prevention

This is perhaps the most widely known and popular medicinal property of cannabis. Research in early stages shows promising signs regarding cannabis-based cancer treatments. Active cannabis oil ingredients fight tumors, reducing them in size and aiding in remission. Cannabis oil can even reduce an individual’s risk of cancer at later stages in life. Cannabis oil is popularly known for helping cancer patients defeat the disease successfully.

Pain Relief

For people suffering from chronic muscular or back pain, cannabis oil is a very effective remedy. It even helps with inflammation and can be used for emergency pain relief occasionally. This is also one of the reasons why cannabis oil is used in cancer treatment. It helps relieve pain from chemotherapy treatments as well as the disease itself.

Reduces Seizures

Cannabis oil is a great help for people who suffer from epileptic seizures. Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is one of the active ingredients in cannabis oil. THC helps to gain some control over the frequency and severity of epileptic seizures. What THC does is attach itself to brain cells that control excitement and relaxation, reducing the likelihood of another seizure.

Counters Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s disease affects an estimated 5.7 million Americans of all ages. Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most commonly found forms of dementia, usually found in ages 65 and higher. This does not mean people below the age of 65 can’t be suffering from it. THC can slow down the progress of Alzheimer’s disease according to studies in the past few years. Alzheimer’s disease is brought on by the creation of amyloid plaques in the brain by a specific enzyme. These plaques target brain cells and kill them, ultimately leading to Alzheimer’s and dementia. THC, through the use of cannabis oil, blocks this enzyme, reducing the production of amyloid plaques.

Good for Cardiovascular Function

Cannabis oil also seems to be very good for overall heart health. Ingredients within the oil balance out the negative oils that accumulate in the cardiovascular system. Cannabis oil also acts as a stimulant for the anti-oxidation process, which in turn improves the overall health of the cardiovascular function. That’s not to mention it gets rid of excess cholesterol, reducing clogging risks.

Health-Benefits-Of-Cannabis-OilStimulates Appetite

Any cannabis user can tell you about the munchies or increased appetite after use. No matter what form the cannabis gets into your body, it is bound to increase your appetite. Medicinal use of cannabis oil goes a long way to regulate your appetite, especially if you suffer from eating disorders. Cannabis oil is also known to stimulate the digestive process, making your eating habits regular and healthy.


Improves Bowel Health

Crohn’s disease and ulcers are often found in patients with inflammatory bowel problems. Recent research implies that cannabis oil can be used to effectively treat such patients. THC and cannabidiol or CBD improve both gut function and immune system response. The body naturally produces compounds similar to THC. These compounds allow bacteria into the intestines by increasing permeability. CBD helps in blocking these natural compounds. This helps to reduce intestinal permeability by tightening the bond between intestinal cells.

Eases Sleeplessness

People who suffer from anxiety or insomnia often experience difficulty in regulating their sleep patterns. Cannabis oil is proving to be an exceptional solution for such issues. Cannabis oil affects both the body and mind, putting them into a relaxed state. It also reduces the amount of energy generated by body processes, which in turn lowers your active heart rate. This lets you ease your mind and get a refreshing, undisturbed sleep that is important for healthy living.


Alleviates Arthritis

Arthritis patients suffer from pain in swollen and rheumatic joints, especially during cold weather. Cannabis oil has a number of health benefits that go a long way to combating arthritis discomfort. It promotes sleep while reducing joint inflammation and pain. Cannabis oil serves as a ready remedy to help arthritis patients lead a discomfort and pain-free life.

Good for Optical health

Eye health is one of the most major concerns for people as they grow older. It is also one of the major reasons people look towards cannabis oil as a remedy. Studies have linked cannabis oil to the reduction of glaucoma, preventing the degeneration of the macula. Cannabis oil is a helpful medical tool to maintain good eye health and prevent the onset of degenerated maculae.

Fights Parkinson’s

It is a known fact that cannabis oil reduces muscular tremors. This is an especially useful remedy for people who suffer from Parkinson’s disease. Cannabis oil has been shown to reduce tremors and ease the pain in Parkinson’s patients. It also improves their quality of sleep while showing improvement in fine motor skills.

Stress Relief

Cannabis has been used for decades by teens and young adults to “have a good time”. Research shows that there is actually some substance to this. Cannabis oil grants relief from stress and anxiety related problems. Cannabis oil contains natural compounds that relax the mind and release feel-good hormones. This reduces stress levels in a person, making them calmer and more relaxed. Cannabis oil is a huge help to people who suffer from anxiety disorders as well as general stress-takers.

Health-Benefits-Of-Cannabis-OilTreats Effects of Trauma

One of the lesser known applications of cannabis oil is in the treatment of PTSD. The body’s THC-like natural compounds work with cannabis oil to regulate body systems. Particularly the ones in the brain responsible for regulating fear and anxiety. Countering PTSD through the use of cannabis oil has been proven through clinical studies involving veterans suffering from PTSD.

Reduces Stroke Effects

Strokes are occurrences that severely damage brain functions and activity. Research suggests cannabis oil can protect the brain from this damage after a stroke. Cannabis oil reduces the stroke-affected area, protecting the brain from further damage. Cannabis is also known for its brain-protecting properties against various other traumatic happenings, like concussions.

Eases Sclerosis Pain

Multiple sclerosis can be a very painful and demanding condition. Among the numerous health benefits of cannabis oil is the treatment of pain symptoms. This includes pains that are symptomatic of multiple sclerosis. THC compounds in cannabis oil attach themselves to nerve receptors and muscles. This not only helps control pain but also provides relief from muscular spasms.

It’s amazing how something as simple as having Program COX Remote can be the source of new knowledge. A little late night travel surfing can turn into an informative session on the medical benefits of cannabis oil. It is only fair that this blog is used to spread that knowledge, hopefully helping someone in the process. Let us know if there are any cannabis oil health benefits that we missed. 

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