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Top 6 places to go fishing in The USA

When it comes to outdoor activities in the USA, the fishing certainly holds a prime spot.

After all, besides the wide ocean on both sides of the coast, there are plenty of water bodies inside the continental United States, not to mention enthralling fishing opportunities in faraway Alaska and Hawaii.

Further, the United States is uniquely blessed with a number of coveted species of fish and other river and seaside delicacies. This, in turn, accentuates fishing activity in the country.

With that background in place, let us look at the top 6 places to go fishing in the USA.

Lake of the Woods, Minnesota

This picturesque place is located right at the top of Minnesota State. Yes, given its location, it certainly gets very chilly here. Yet, it is these cold climatic conditions which make Lake of the Woods an ideal location to go ice fishing. 

A big advantage here is the large size of Lake of the Woods; finding a spot here to fish comfortably will not be a concern. Moreover, given the numerous ice shanties that are available here, you can be comfortably insulated indoors while not fishing.

Colorado River

The Colorado River is one of the main rivers in the Southwestern region of the United States. Along its entire 1450 miles long stretch that extends all the way into Mexico, it supports a variety of flora and fauna, not to mention large scathes of humanity which depend on it for water supply.

Now, fishes are no exception, with a variety of different fishes found in the river. At the same time, for fishing, we highly recommend the area around the Rocky Mountains in Colorado State where the river originates. Large trout and salmon fly are major catches here.

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe, spanning across the states of California and Nevada makes for another great fishing destination in the United States. A major reason for it being such a splendid fishing destination is its large size – thus allowing many fishers to fish with ease, all at the same time. Further, the varieties of fish that can be caught here are simply enormous, ranging from many varieties of trout to mackinaw as well as Kokanee salmon.

It would also be worthy to mention that there are clearly laid out rules limiting the number of fishes an individual angler can catch; this way, the lake ensures balanced and sustainable fishery.

Traveling from Abroad to the United States without a prior visa

ESTA or Electronic System for Travel Authorization ensures that you can easily travel to the United States, without the compulsion to obtain a prior visa.

As long as your country is on the VWP or Visa Waiver Program of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, traveling to America esta will not be a concern.

Armed with this particular ESTA, you are free to travel to the USA and indulge in leisurely fishing as has been described in this article – or any other appropriate activity.

Yes, before you embark on your journey, do make sure to check ESTA status. Since approval is granted quite fast, it is just a matter of confirming that your application has been processed and that you are indeed on your way to the USA.

Top 6 Places to go fishing in the USA

Chesapeake Bay, Maryland

This is one fishing hotspot which is not only well-known within the United States, but outside of it as well. After all, this is where you can easily get hold of some really prized catch, be it Maryland crabs or striped bass.

Yes, a lot of the crabs happily devoured all across the United States actually come from here!

Moreover, while you are in Chesapeake Bay, you can also catch croakers and bluefish.

Thousand Islands, New York

This is actually really upstate New York, so if you are in New York City, remember you will have to traverse quite a bit to get here. At the same time, given the pristine surroundings as well as the numerous fishing opportunities, the trip to get until here will be more than worth it!

The name of this place can easily be taken in the literal sense, since there are well over a thousand different islands (more than 1,800 in fact!) in the area. Therefore, besides the fishing opportunities, the picturesque views themselves make it worthwhile to be here.

The fish you can catch include salmon, muskellunge, and bass among others.

Top 6 Places to go fishing in the USA

Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

Again, a truly fine fishing destination in the United States, as with Thousand Islands in New York, the views here are just as captivating.

Since there are a huge variety of fishes that can easily be caught here, we won’t mention any particular ones.


Above we have listed the top 6 places to go fishing in the USA. Which one of these would you like to go fishing the most, on your trip to the USA?

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