Virendra Sehwag’s wife gets bail in cheque bounce case!

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Finally with Mr Sehwag😛

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The erstwhile swashbuckling cricketer, Virendra Sehwag’s wife, Arti Sehwag, has got bail in the cheque bounce case from Surajpur District Court, Noida. She is one of the promoters in a fruit products manufacturer company by the name of SMGK Agro Product. The allegation has been leveled by Lakhanpal Promoters and Builder Company against the SMGK Agro. Due to non-fulfillment of order last year, SMGK Agro gave a cheque of Rs 2.5 crore as a penalty to Lakhanpal Promoters and Builder Company. The cheque bounced due to which the Lakhanpal Promoters and Builder Company had filed for a case in Surajpur District court of Noida. The court had issued non-bailable warrant against the promoters of SMGK Agro. Arti Sehwag had to present herself in court.

Spokesperson Surya Pratap Singh briefed out the background. Giving details, he said that Lakhanpal Promoters and Builder Company had given a work order depositing cheque to SMGK Agro Product. Since the Ashok Vihar situated, Agroprduct could not deliver what it had promised, it had to return the deposit amount. SMGK returned the said amount of 2.5 crores as a cheque which bounced. Lakhanpal Promoters and Builder Company sent a notice to SMGK to which the company didn’t respond.

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Subsequently, Lakhanpal Promoters and Builder Company filed a case in the district court and named all the promoters. This included the names of MD – Prabha Kakkar, partners Arti Sehwag, Harikrishan Chawla, Ashok Mehrotra, and Abdul Asif. It was filed under NI act. None of the accused turned up in court on said dates and on 31st May, non-bailable warrants were issued in their names.

On Friday Arti Sehwag disposed herself where she was taken under arrest and then released on bail of lakh surety. Arti Sehwag disclosed that she had not signed the cheque and neither she was part of the daily affairs of the company.

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