Nerve-wracking video shows how Coronavirus kills the host

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At present, the world is struggling to deal with the Coronavirus, which began in the Wuhan region of China in 2019 and since then spread all across the globe. Till now, we have seen over 700,000 people getting affected by this disease, and nearly 35,000 people lost their lives.

At present, the virus is rampaging through the USA, Italy, and Spain, whereas China seems to have controlled the spread of the virus. In the beginning, COVID-19 appeared to be some sort of flu, and nobody was worried about it.

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However, the virus turned out to be a lot more contagious than common flu, and before we knew it, the virus spread all over the globe. At first sight, the virus will look only infectious as the fatality rate is around 5 percent. But when you take into account that it is going to infect around 1 million people, then you will realize how serious it is.

All over the world, countries are under lockdown; people are told to stay at their homes and regularly wash their hands. Each country is trying to screen its citizens to check the spread of the virus, and at the same time, they are looking to find a cure for those who have been affected by COVID-19. A lot of people are recovering from the virus, but those who are old or have an underlying condition are at risk.

Now, we got a video showing how the Novel Coronavirus affects our bodies and turns out to be fatal. George Washington Hospital released a video showing how the virus attacks our respiratory system. 

The CT imaging technique used to depict the effect of Coronavirus was previously used to help doctors perform surgery on cancer patients. The technique, as depicted in the video, highlights the inflammation caused in the lungs in yellow color. An uninfected person should have no yellow spots, whereas a person who is suffering from the disease would have these yellow spots in their CT scans.

The video is of a patient who visited the hospital with cough issues. Other than the cough, the patient was perfectly fine, but the patient later developed more symptoms of Coronavirus and needed emergency treatment. The doctors had to use a ventilator (a device that helps a person breathe through artificial means) and an ECMO (a device that removes Carbon Dioxide from the blood and replaces it with Oxygen). 

“This is not a 70, 80-year-old immunosuppressed, diabetic patient. Other than high blood pressure, he has no other significant medical issues. This is a guy who’s minding his own business and gets it … If we were to repeat the 360VR images now, that is one week later, there is a chance that the infection and inflammatory process could be worse.”

Chief of thoracic surgery Dr. Keith Mortman told CNN.

However, these machines are not a cure for the condition as they are only ensuring that the patient survives long enough so that they can fight the disease. There is also a possibility that the virus might cause permanent damage to the body. If a person is young and healthy, their lungs will get back to normal with proper rest and medication. However, a person who is old or suffering from other ailments might not be so lucky.

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