Iranian Film,”Muhammad: The Messenger of God”, getting an Indian release on 21st July

“Muhammad: The Messenger of God” coming in Hindi from the Oscar nominee director Majid Majidi. The other prestigious movies to Majid’s credit are Children of Heaven, The Song of Sparrows, and The Color of Paradise. Music is by Oscar winner music director A R Rehman.

It is an Iranian Islamic epic film directed by Majid Majidi and co-written with Kambuzia Partovi. The film is set in the 6th century. The story revolves around the childhood of Prophet Muhammad. It is now available in the Hindi version.

The film, Muhammad: The Messenger of God, will be available on Don Cinema, a streaming platform. You can watch the film at the Don Cinema website from 21st July for ₹49.

The synopsis of the film reads, “By the order of Abraha, King of Habasha, one of his army commanders launches an attack on Mecca in order to destroy the Kaaba. He leads a well-equipped force of thousands of soldiers, horses and elephants.
As the army approaches Mecca, the elephants respond to divine order by halting and refusing to continue. Millions of small birds then release a hail of stones onto Abraha’s forces and the army is annihilated. A month later, Muhammad is born. This film depicts the pre-Islamic Arabia as seen through the eyes of Muhammad from birth to the age of 13.”

The film has a rating of 7.5 on IMDb. The film was supposed to be a part of a trilogy. The next part would show Muhammad’s life as he becomes enlightened and becomes the Prophet.

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