Save Water! Save Life! Can Marker Pen Save Water?

Save WaterWater conservation is a must as it is fast depleting. Most of us are sharing a lot of messages on WhatsApp, facebook, twitter, etc. and showing our concern. At an individual level, we are also trying best to avoid any wastage of water. I was calculating how much water we ‘waste’ just to take a bath. Yes! bath is a must in today’s hot climate, but how much water is used to take a bath, and how much just flows to drain in the process? Let us have a look.

There are three common ways to take a bath.
1. Shower
2. Open tap in a bucket, and take bath.
3. Fill the bucket, and start a bath.

One may say that there is also a fourth way- using the bathtub. However, personally, I feel that the bathtub is a beautiful way of water wastage, and using a bathtub for your daily bath is a moral crime.

The shower is a good approach to take a bath using less water. However, most of the times, the aim becomes to beat the heat rather than just taking a bath, and you end up staying in the shower for longer durations, and the additional water just flows to drain during the process.

In fact, a similar thing happens when you start a bath, while the tap is open to the bucket. Many of us love the sound of water flowing while taking a bath. But, in the process, you easily forget how much water you have used after the bath by just repeating the process of pouring water on your head.

Filling the bucket prior to bath seems a better way to me. You take some water in the bucket, and your aim is to finish the bath with that water only. However, we never try to quantify the water used, as it is rather impractical, particularly due to the different types and sizes of buckets used, even in the same family.

Here, you might be annoying why I am taking so and so much headache? A quick look at Dist. Bijnor shows that the population is nearly 40 Lakhs. I presume every one takes a bath daily. Even if we try to save one liter per bath, I can expect a saving of 40 Lakh liters, or 4000 KL every day. The only problem is that nobody checks how much water anyone is using for a bath.

Let me present a simple trick. Take a marker pen, and mark the commonly taken water level for your bath. Tomorrow, when you take a bath, try to fill the water a little lower than the level and finish your bath with that only. Observe the same practice every day, and after a week, if you feel, you can just put another mark a little below than the previous one. Remove the previous level. You have already achieved a new level of water conservation. Well, if several family members use the same water, you may use different markers, like blue for the husband, red for the wife, pink for the daughter, green for the son. No marking, restrictions or control for elders- they have already saved a lot for us.

Keep doing it, save water. Remember, nobody is watching and checking your water consumption while you are taking a bath. Through this post, may I request you yourself to secretly see yourself bathing only, and not wasting water?

Please do grab a marker pen. Act now.

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