9 Picture Posing Rules For Men That Will Make You Look Good In Every Picture

picture posing rule for menWe all love taking pictures but we often complain about not looking good in the pictures captured. Is that because we look ugly or is it the phone camera? Well, it just might be the pose we make that makes the whole picture good or bad.

There are certain mistakes we all do while posing for a picture. In this section, we will talk about some picture-posing rules for men that will make the picture cool.

How to pose for pictures:

  1. Stop trying to Look Tough and Hard. Imagine the people beside you are smiling and you are the only one giving tough looks. Well, don’t blame the cameraman then.
  2. Don’t be someone who always makes a stupid face. It is good to smile, but making stupid faces while posing for a picture is kinda stupid.
  3. If you are taking a buddy picture, make sure to place your hand rightly. If you are the same height or even close, you can both place your hands on each other’s shoulder. But if one person is shorter than the other person, then he should put his arm around the body and not the shoulder. The taller person can put his hand on the other person’s shoulder.
  4. Now you know what to do with your one hand. But what about the second hand? Well, you can show a thumbs up as you smile, or else simply keep it in your jeans pocket.
  5. While taking a group picture, never go for the middle for the sake of being the center of attraction.  Because you might end up looking awkward during to the pose you make. Instead, make your place at the end that allows flexibility and proper body alignment.
  6. Always angle your body towards the camera. Do not center your body to the camera. This pose allows you to angle your face.
  7. Chin up and out. Because if your chin is down, your double chin meets neck fat and makes you look odd.
  8. Always use the smile trick. Focus on pressing your tongue against the back of your teeth. When you do that, all the other muscles of your face relax and your expression becomes natural.
  9. Hold your breath and open your eyes. Don’t blink. It ruins your picture. Also, when you hold your breath, you can hide your belly fat, if any.

I hope this section was helpful to you.

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