How Two Year Work Rights in UK changes everything for Indian Students?

How Two Year Work Rights in UK

Searching For Jobs

The most common and popular reason for Indian nationals to migrate to foreign countries is actually to secure a job,  make a better living and settle in that country itself. While most aspirants migrate right after graduation to pursue a postgraduate degree abroad which makes them more suitable candidates for the process of recruitment in the eyes if the job providers in the foreign land. The reason for this migration to new places and foreign lands by the Indian nationals, in particular, is that the state of the economy in India is not as good as one would like it to be.  Again,  owing to the phase of the recession that the world economy is going through right now,  the companies in any country would be reluctant to offer the jobs to foreign nationals. Even if they offer a job to the foreign nationals they will not help in sponsoring your visa. Therefore, it will be the work visa that will be your key to securing a job outside India keeping the present scenario in mind.

Let us take a look at the process of applying for jobs in the top countries of the world today.  Above that,  there is a huge population explosion that has taken place which has increased the competition not just for the admission process to various courses in India but subsequently in the job application process also. All these reasons have contributed to the emergence of the growing trend of the migration of Indian nationals to foreign countries.  But now situations are changing for the worse. The economic slowdown and recession are not just prevalent in India but it has become a global phenomenon which is being dealt with by the countries by taking stringent measures. The measures are strict and unfavourable for foreign nationals. To tackle the problem of recession the countries are planning to reserve more jobs for their own citizens and capping the number of jobs that can be offered by the firms to foreign nationals. This comes as a major problem for those Indian citizens who had for long thought of migrating abroad to settle and have a permanent residency in a new country.

United Kingdom’s new visa policies

The United Kingdom has eased its visa policy after a long time recently. The United Kingdom has now stated that it will allow all student visa holders to stay back legally in the country and search for employment for a maximum time of two years. The judgement comes as a landmark step taken by the United Kingdom.  Experts believe that it has been the best thing that has happened to the Indian students who were studying in the United Kingdom. This is because earlier,  the students had to come back or had to find an employer during the course of their education which was difficult and often not possible. But now the new norms have helped those students in particular. Now they can search for Visa Sponsorship Jobs in UK with ample time in their hands.

Most experts who have been in the employment process for quite some time now believe that job opportunities in the United Kingdom are hands down the best. They run a dynamic system with all requirements which are necessary to be relevant in the industry. Jobs in the UK for Indian Students are a good option indeed. The simplest reason that everyone gives to support their argument that the UK is the best for a job aspirant from India is that the course run in the UK is completely in English. Many foreign recruiters require you to have a hold on the native language of the country before they provide you with the job. But this problem is solved in the United Kingdom. The second biggest reason to consider a job in the United Kingdom is that the quality of education in the UK is appreciated all over. The career boost that you get after a degree from the UK will be much more than doing the same from any other country because the quality of training is significantly superior.

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