How to Stop Loving Someone?

Does a person think you should just stay friends? And although it may seem that you will never find anyone better, there are ways to move on. To stop loving is as individual as to fall in love; however, in this article, you will find some useful tips on how to deal with your emotions.

You can be sad for a while

The period when you try to stop loving someone is a process of mourning for a lost relationship. And it’s normal to deeply experience the loss. If you try to behave normally and pretend that you are not in pain, you will experience even greater emotional pressure. A healthy way to start getting rid of love is to be a little sad. Give yourself time to survive the feeling of loss. If possible, take a few days off at work and do something that brings you pleasure (unless it is harmful to your health). Watch sad movies, sleep, or eat ice cream. If the pain becomes unbearable, remember that time heals.

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Analyze the relationship.

In order to properly move on from everything, you need to admit that there were both positive and negative moments in love for them (and it always happens). Appreciate the good things, but don’t forget the bad ones. Now you need to think about the new opportunities that open before you.

In a fit of sadness, you are likely to romanticize their image and forget about their weaknesses and weaknesses. It is important to remember both. Try to be grateful that love has changed you and helped your personal growth, but also try to realize in which areas of your life your feelings hindered your growth and made you behave in an unusual way for you. These are lessons that you can learn to grow and learn from your mistakes.

Stay alone for some time.

Do not rush to make new relationships or constantly distract yourself with a company of friends or various activities. If you want to get rid of love in a healthy way, you need to survive the pain and deal with it. Think and share your time between what you want and what you need, and then follow the intended path, looking for emotional or social support among friends and family.

Of course, if you feel the need to give way to your feelings, then there is nothing to worry about if you have to spend time with close friends. Find someone who understands how you can express your feelings about relationships, but also tell you the truth about the perspectives of these relationships from the outside. If you are open to advice, good advice from a trusted friend will help you alleviate your suffering and think about your future. Do not waste too much time thinking about breaking up, about what went wrong and what your former partner is doing at the moment. Better concentrate on yourself and how you can move forward.

Unleash your feelings.

Most of the healing process can occur by expressing feelings. You do not need to share these feelings with someone unless you yourself want to, but at least you need to pour them out. You can keep a diary, write/learn a poem or short stories, draw a picture or picture, compose, or learn how to play a song. These creative efforts will help you pour out your pain by creating something beautiful. If you don’t feel inspired or creative, go to a museum, theater, or concert. Sometimes, having heard or seen what a broken heart looks like in the interpretation of the actors, we can accept this as a universal experience that unites all the remaining humanity. And no matter how painful it may be, for the sake of this, it is still worth living. After all, if you have never experienced a sense of loss, then you have never truly fallen in love.

Save important things.

When you try to move forward and return to life, it is very important not to overdo it and not to get rid of everything that reminds you of them. Keep a few reminders of the best moments of your time together, for example, a shell that you found on the beach, or a joint photo from a New Year’s party, to maintain a positive and healthy perception of these relationships.

And while preserving these things is a good idea, you may not be ready to see them right now. Fold everything in one place and put it away. You can get them when you feel that you have been emotionally healed. This includes what you have left digitally. Also, save them and store them in a remote folder on your computer.

Get rid of everything else.

Once you have chosen the things you want to leave, get rid of the rest. To forget them, you need to avoid constant reminders of them in everyday life. If you still have many other personal items, get rid of them. Remove your marks on shared photos on social networks, remove photos that remind you of them from your page, and also get rid of other digital reminders (saved voice messages, for example). Studies show that by keeping these things in place, you suffer longer and it is harder to recover when these things are around.

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