Foods that lower Blood Pressure Quickly – Wonder fruit called Banana!

Go Bananas - Tricks to lower blood pressure

potassium rich foods high blood pressure

What is Hypertension, or high blood pressure? It is the pressure exerted by blood against artery walls. The prescribed range of blood pressure is 120/80 mmHg. If you are consistently clocking reading which is either higher or lower than the prescribed value, then you should consult your physician. Any abnormality should be consulted immediately because hypertension, a silent killer disease, over a period of time if left unattended can increase the risks of heart, kidney, stroke, and a multitude of other health problems.

How to lower blood pressure instantly? The general and acceptable alternative to lower high blood pressure is by means of medication. But let us talk about foods that lower blood pressure quickly and naturally. When we come to realize that we are hypertensive, the first action we take is a rundown of rules and regulations on how to lower blood pressure instantly. What’s more, as a thumb rule, we have the tendency to cut down on the sodium-rich diet or lowering salt intake. But there are few natural remedies and tricks to lower blood pressure which have given positive results over a period of time. One such fruit is tomato which we have covered in one of our posts and the other is fruit dates.

Bananas and blood pressure medication – Many kinds of research on nature driven remedies for foods that lower blood pressure quickly has suggested that one should include potassium-rich foods in daily diet. Even FDA has recommended for diets loaded with potassium and low in sodium to diminish the impact of high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and stroke. This brings up fruit Bananas which are found to be loaded with potassium and have low sodium content. A banana a day not only gives daily energy dose but also helps in regulating the blood pressure. Known as solace nourishment, a banana enhances vitality as well as aids in keeping a functional circulatory system. It can likewise help bring down the danger of medical issues because of hypertension, for example, coronary illness and stroke.

potassium rich foods high blood pressure

Potassium rich foods high blood pressure – Banana is a standout amongst the best sources of potassium. It is a basic mineral that assumes a key job in keeping up the pulse and routine heart work. Making habit of eating banana reduces pressure on kidneys and helps in flushing out excess of sodium from the body through urine.  Due to excess of sodium in the body, water imbalance happens which puts a burden on blood vessels if not attended timely leading to heart ailments. In addition, potassium additionally causes the body to keep up fluid and electrolyte adjustments in the cells, which controls the circulatory strain. A medium-sized banana gives 350 mg of potassium. Individuals with a low measure of potassium in their eating routine are at a higher risk of stroke.

How much banana is healthy every day?

As per research, individuals who ate two bananas every day for seven days at a stretch showed a decline in blood pressure by 10%. Do consult your specialist before you incorporate bananas in your eating regimen. Do keep in mind before you start eating a banana about its nutrition value. Bananas are a good source of Vitamin C, folate and Vitamin A in addition to Potassium. The nutrition profile of banana suggests, an average size of banana contains 420 mg of potassium, 109 calories with gram fiber, 18 grams of natural sugar, 20 grams of carbohydrates and 1 gram of protein. Bananas can be taken in breakfast with oats, or with pancakes or as a banana shake.

Having a banana a day can keep high blood pressure away!

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