What’s new streaming on Prime Video in May?

Prime Video from Amazon is one of the most popular streaming services in the world. The platform brings some of the best movies and shows every month, which is true for the current month. 

In May, we are getting some exciting new movies and the new season for some of the most popular web series on the platform. So, here is a list of the much-anticipated movies and web series that will be available on Prime Video, this month.

The Lodge (Release Date: 22nd May): The Lodge is a horror movie about a soon-to-be stepmother (Riley Keough) who is trapped after heavy snow, alongside the kids of her fiance, in a remote holiday village. As the kids and Grace began to warm up to each other, they witness some strange and unnerving events, which try to summon demons that Grace was told about in her childhood. The Lodge will be available on Prime Video from May 22.

The Homecoming Season 2 (Release Date: 22nd May): The second season for one of the most popular Amazon original web series would be streaming soon. The story would be different from the Podcast on which the show was based, and Janelle Monae will replace Julia Roberts as the lead character. The Homecoming Season 2 is available from May 22 on Prime Video.

Ponmagal Vandhal (Release Date: 29th May): Ponmagal Vandal is a courtroom drama featuring Jyotika in the lead role. It is one of the first Indian movies that is being released directly to a streaming service.

The Vast of Night (Release Date: 29th May): The Vast of Night is a sci-fi movie set in the 1950s where a young switchboard operator and a radio DJ notice some strange radio frequencies that would change the future of their small town. It is a chilling, deeply confident (in both its own storytelling and its audience) take on the UFO film. The Vast of Night will be streaming on Prime Video from May 29.

Scooby-Doo: Return to Zombie Island (Release Date: 30th May): In this Scooby-Doo animated movie, the gang is called out of retirement to investigate a mystery on a familiar zombie-infested island.

The Grudge (Release Date: 31st May): The Grudge is a story about a single mom and a detective trying to investigate a case where a young housewife murders her family in her house. The investigation leads to a shocking discovery that says that the house is cursed by a vengeful ghost. 

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