Money Heist Part 4, premieres April 3rd. Only on Netflix

The chaos is again set to begin on April 3. Money Heist: Part 4 is coming on Netflix. On special demand of its fans stuck in quarantine, the highly-anticipated next season of superhit crime drama series is a big relief. The Spanish show stars Álvaro Morte and Úrsula Corberó.

The teaser gives a peek into war and chaos that will continue in Part 4 of La Casa de Papel (aka Money Heist). In the days of forced lockdown, fans are eagerly waiting for the action sequences of Nairobi, the Professor, Raquel, and the rest of the crew.

The last installment, Season 3 of Money Heist was released on Netflix on July 19th, 2019. Part 4 was announced on 8th December 2019. Since then a trailer and a teaser have been released. Now with only 5 days left to release, the critically-acclaimed series, Money Heist Part 4 will have 8 new episodes.

There are speculations that the latest series of Money Heist will be coming to an end with Part 4. In other words, there will be no Part 5. In Part 4, viewers will expect the gang to escape from danger.

Season 3 had seen the gang carrying out the final bank robbery by breaking into the Bank of Spain to help save Rio aka Miguel Herran. But the plan did not work out and favorite leads could not escape.

Though Netflix has not confirmed about Part 5 in the pipeline but many Spanish publications refuted the rumors. They felt that to date the best Spanish series has the potential to continue.

“We want to make the best Spanish series ever made, the best series in terms of the emotional and the dazzling and we are still there turning the issues around.”

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