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‘What Are The Odds?’ comedy cum drama streaming on Netflix today

Netflix has secured the streaming rights for What Are The Odds? a coming-of-age-comedy-drama film. Yashaswini Dayama, Karanvir Malhotra, and Abhay Deol would appear in the lead roles in What Are The Odds?.

Recently, Netflix gave us the trailer for the What Are The Odds? along with a release date for 20th May.

Abhay Deol, Sanjay Bachani, Pooja Kohli, and Apoorva Bakshi are the producers of the movie. The movie, What Are The Odds?, is the second joint project between Netflix and FilmKaravan, who previously made Delhi Crime in 2019. The movie has a dose of love, hope, music, and the magic of the wonder years.

Initially, What Are The Odds? was conceptualized as a series called The Odds. It was going to follow the life of a rebellious teen Vivek and a responsible school head-boy Ashwin as they go through “a fantastical journey” through the streets of Mumbai.

Directed by Megha D Ramaswamy, the movie is whimsical love, comedy, drama, coming of age that tells the story of 2 teens who embark upon a crazy adventure together. It leaves you thinking “a little crush or an unconventional friendship?”

The producers showed a 90-minute segment during the Indian Film Festival in Los Angeles last year. The series was still in production at that time. The idea for the series was shelved later, and the segment shown at the event has been turned into a movie and is coming to Netflix tomorrow.

The record of Netflix is mediocre at best when discussing Indian movies made for the platform. So, What are the odds (pardon the pun) that this movie would become a hit? Find out when the What Are The Odds? start streaming on Netflix from 20th May onwards.

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